FIFA 22 Ratings: Messi & Lewandowski better than Ronaldo

FIFA 22 Ratings Lewandowski Messi Ronaldo
Thats something new in FIFA 22 | © Imago/EarlyGame

Robert Lewandowski is better than Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 22. The latest leaks of FIFA 22 Ratings have revealed the ratings of the three best players in FIFA 22 - and we've got them for you!

If I had to describe the summer of soccer, it would be like this: just plain crazy. Lionel Messi leaves Barcelona and joins PSG, Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Manchester, Italy wins the European Championship and the spectators want more. And yet, it's the same mistake made every year ... FIFA is way too late. So while our favorite clubs are already starting the new season, we still have to wait for FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Ratings Leak

Since August 11th, selected players have been able to play the new FIFA, and so naturally, a massive amount of the game is already being leaked online. EA has made threads of severe penalties if you publish game content, but apparently, nobody cares. We've already had the Manchester United ratings leak! But we're not complaining...

But whatever, it's already out, so let's get to the most important question: how strong are Messi, Ronaldo, and Lewandowski in FIFA 22?

The Best Players In FIFA 22 - Leaked Ratings

Thanks to a leak on TikTok, the ratings of the best players in FIFA 22 have now been published. The culprit is (again) Mavzfut, who was responsible for the Manchester United leaks. And our same advice applies here: these are just leaks, take them with a grain of salt. A lot can change before the release!

Still, let's take a look at the best players in FIFA 22:

RWLionel Messi93 (=)
STRobert Lewandowski92 (+1)
STCristiano Ronaldo91 (-1)
STKylian Mbappé91 (+1)
GKJan Oblak
91 (=)


Marc-André ter Stegen
90 (=)
RWMohamed Salah
90 (=)
LWNeymar Jr.
90 (-1)
STKarim Benzema
90 (+1)
CBVirgil van Dijk
90 (=)
GKManuel Neuer
89 (=)
LMHeung Min Son
89 (+2)
GKThibaut Courtois
89 (=)
GKAlisson Becker
88 (-2)

FIFA 22 Ratings Leaked! But Is This Legit?

Could it be true? These values ​​don't seem that unrealistic, that's for sure. But De Bruyne, Bruno Fernandes, and Harry Kane are suspiciously missing. And the Spurs player would surely be getting an upgrade as a top scorer in the Premier League, so should at least be 89 overall. But we will stay tuned until EA's official ratings are released.

Our FIFA 22 Rating Predictions:

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