FIFA 22 Ratings: N'Golo Kanté and Giorgio Chiellini Should Not Get An Upgrade!

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Are Kanté and Chiellini getting a downgrade in FIFA 22? | EA / EarlyGame

You're all going to hate me, but this is realtalk. N'Golo Kanté and Giorgio Chiellini don't deserve a rating upgrade for FIFA 22! The two world stars just played a strong CL final and a good European Championship respectively - nothing else. But we will have a look at it in detail.

N'Golo Kanté is one of the most popular players in the world of soccer. The 1.68 meter tall Frenchman is just too likeable. On the other hand, we have the gruff Chiellini, full-blooded Italian and the best defender of Euro 2021. Both of them should not get an upgrade in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Ratings: N'Golo Kanté and Chiellini Should Not Get An Upgrade

One thing in advance: FIFA ratings are always subjective. Every year, we criticize EA for their player ratings - and rightly so. What EA did with the Bayern ratings in FIFA 21 is just an insolence. As the reigning CL winner, Bayern Munich was simply rated so poorly because Bayern has an exclusive contract with FIFA opponent PES (now eFootball).

For the upcoming FIFA 22, we have to criticize EA if N'Golo Kanté and Giorgio Chiellini would get an upgrade.

N'Golo Kanté Should Not Get An Upgrade In FIFA 22

Everyone loves N'Golo Kanté. The reserved and always fair Frenchman, who just plays his game in the midfield without making a big splash, but having a huge impact after all. At the 2021 Champions League final, he was the outstanding man at Chelsea FC, there was no way around him. Respect for this achievement! But we must not let ourselves be blinded by this hype. One outstanding game should not give any player an upgrade for the next FIFA.

FIFA 22: This is why N'Golo Kanté should not get a rating upgrade

Kanté played a solid Premier League season in 2020/2021. Solid. That's all it was. In his defense, it has to be said that Chelsea also played really crappy under Frank Lampard. Unfortunately, you can't take Kanté's side either. Things only got better with Thomas Tuchel as the new coach. In fact, it got so good that Chelsea won the Champions League. And that was with a trash squad! Tuchel is a machine.

But let's go back to Kanté. A bad half year, a solid second half of the season and a strong CL final will never be enough for an upgrade in FIFA 22! I'd probably be okay with Kanté keeping his current 88 rating. I wouldn't mind a small downgrade, either. An upgrade would just be fanservice to the community, Kanté wouldn't deserve it. And again: I celebrate him, too. But rationally speaking, a rating upgrade would be illogical.

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So sorry for Kanté... | © Spox

Giorgio Chiellini Should Not Get an Upgrade in FIFA 22

Giorgio Chiellini has become a real meme since the European Championship final. How he holds Saka there by the jersey - simply legendary. In general, Chiellini played an outstanding European Championship and carried his Italians to victory with his mentality. Unfortunately, the same applies here as with Kanté: This is never enough for a rating upgrade in FIFA 22!

FIFA 22: That's why Chiellini Should Not Get a Rating Upgrade

Chiellini only played 17 games for Juventus Turin in the Serie A in the past season, which, by the way, plays a major role in the FIFA 22 rating. The now 36-year-old was unfortunately often injured. EA quite often gives aging and injured players a downgrade - so it will be the case with Chiellini. On top of that, Juventus played the worst season in the club's recent history. Under Andrea Pirlo, the "Old Lady" only finished fourth! Moreover, Juventus conceded an uncharacteristic 38 goals, which is never a good sign for a central defender like Chiellini. I'm sorry, but Chiellini won't get a rating upgrade in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Ratings: N'Golo Kanté and Chiellini Should Not get an Upgrade!

Until the official FIFA ratings are released, we still have time to speculate. And always remember: opinions are subjective and may differ. Feel free to check out our detailed rating prediction from FC Barcelona.

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