FIFA 22 PSG Ratings: Messi, Neymar, Mbappé & More

PSG Ratings Messi Mbappe FIFA 22
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FIFA 22 releases on October 1st and we show you the ratings of PSG. With its new signings and – of course – the GOAT Lionel Messi, PSG aims for the absoulte domination! Here you can see the PSG ratings in FIFA 22. And they are absolutely outstanding.

It is hard to put into words how strong this PSG team is. Ramos, Wijnaldum, Hakimi, Donnaruma and then that... Lionel Messi! How good can a team be? This squad will be the best in FIFA 22, that's for sure. So, let's take a look at the ratings.

Lionel Messi – when he's got the ball, all focus is on him. What the Argentine has produced on the pitch has been absolutely world-class for years. FC Barcelona has always been his home. And vice versa: FC Barcelona's heart was Lionel Messi. Was! PSG is the name of his new club, what can we expect?

FIFA 22 PSG Ratings

Lionel Messi Rating FIFA 22

Lionel Messi | Rating FIFA 21: 93 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 93 OVR

I'm still speechless. Messi at PSG. Can you imagine him in the Parc de Princes? I can't. And you can't even imagine what kind of drive the Argentines will give this team and the club.

That he will become the world footballer again is anything but impossible. His 52 (!) scorer points for Barça give him a 93 rating. And we are curious to see how much he will impress us in Paris.

Neymar Rating FIFA 22

Neymar | Rating FIFA 21: 91 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 91 OVR

Neymar and Messi - the duo is reunited. He was definitely the one to push the Messi transfer and even offered him number 10. Apart from that: Neymar had outstanding games last season. Let's just remember the two performances against Bayern in the Champions League. Absolute world-class.

Nevertheless, injuries set the Brazilian back, and he couldn't convince against Manchester City either. So he stays at a strong 91 rating.

Kylian Mbappé Rating FIFA 22

Kylian Mbappé | Rating FIFA 21: 90 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 91 OVR

His development curve is insane. He was the tragic hero at the European Championships, but at Paris he had a strong season. 27 goals in Ligue 1, 8 in the Champions League, 7 in the Cup. Man, this guy's incredible.

He was on the pitch for PSG for more than 3,700 minutes. You can no longer call him a talent, but rather a complete striker. His 91 will make him even more popular in FIFA – if that's possible. If you look at the meta, Mbappé is the best player in FIFA 22.

Sergio Ramos Rating FIFA 22

Sergio Ramos | Rating FIFA 21: 89 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 88 OVR

Ramos is in the squad as well! Insane. At Real Madrid he was the captain, the leader. Through the whole Messi drama, I totally forgot that this era is now ending.

The Spaniard was injured for a long time last season, but before that, he enchanted the Galactic fans with goals and strong performances. But this charming boy is already 35 years old. In other words: Downgrade to 88.

Ángel Di María Rating FIFA 22

Ángel Di María | Rating FIFA 21: 87 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 87 OVR

He was the hero in the Copa América final. With his goal, he redeemed all of Argentina. And not only that, at PSG he showed many strong games that brought a total of 24 scorer points. 87 rating, 5-star skills, and a nice card in FIFA 22!

Keylor Navas Rating FIFA 22

Keylor Navas | Rating FIFA 21: 87 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 88 OVR

Who will be the number 1 here... still Navas? He gathered enough arguments last season. Mistakes were rare in his game, many strong moments in big games made him a good support.

One more point is the logical consequence. And Pocchetino is probably still thinking about who to nominate as the first goalkeeper. You will have the same problem in Career Mode... but who complains about having a second world class goalkeeper?

Marco Verrati Rating FIFA 22

Marco Verrati | Rating FIFA 21: 86 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 87 OVR

Hardly anyone would have thought that he would play such an outstanding European Championship. He was cheeky, determined and technically strong in the Azzuri jersey. He's also an important part of the PSG game. He can help Neymar and Mbappé with assists. The 87 rating completes a strong card in FIFA 22.

Marquinhos Rating FIFA 22

Marquinhos | Rating FIFA 21: 85 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 87 OVR

How do you become a leader? This player showed it. As captain and leader, he was the face of the PSG team. Marquinhos played consistently at a high level, few fluctuations in performance were noticeable in his game. He deserved this upgrade.

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Mauro Icardi Rating FIFA 22

Mauro Icardi | Rating FIFA 21: 85 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 83 OVR

11 scorer points in the league and 5 goals in the cup just weren't really convincing. Standing out in such a squad is just really difficult.

His downgrade is bitter, with only 69 pace he is clearly behind his colleagues.

Gianluigi Donnarumma Rating FIFA 22

Gianluigi Donnarumma | Rating FIFA 21: 85 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 89 OVR

Another transfer. He, too, is a world-class player. Best player in the European Championship, the hero in the Euros' final and also at AC Milan, he had a good season. We can only repeat ourselves here, it will be really damn interesting who will regularly be between the posts among the Parisians.

But one thing is certain: the one who won't make it will certainly not be satisfied with the role on the bench. Anyway. Donnarumma will be upgraded to an amazing 89.

Achraf Hakimi Rating FIFA 22

Achraf Hakimi | Rating FIFA 21: 83 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 85 OVR

The new right-back in the team will be in great demand with his 95 pace, especially in Ultimate Team. At Inter he showed really strong performances, which is why the upgrade is not surprising.

Georginio Wijnaldum Rating FIFA 22

Georginio Wijnaldum | Rating FIFA 21: 85 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 84 OVR

The Dutchman was downgraded by one point. Like all Liverpool stars, actually. It's a shame, at the European Championship he showed what he is capable of.

Maybe he will go up by one point again in winter or even before that. We are excited.

Idrissa Gueye Rating FIFA 22

Idrissa Gueye | Rating FIFA 21: 84 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 82 OVR

He's on the Parisian sales list. It is quite possible that he will leave the club, the Messi millions have to come back in from somewhere. His season was okay, not strong enough to hold the rating. Downgrade by two points. Ouch.

Juan Bernat Rating FIFA 22

Juan Bernat | Rating FIFA 21: 83 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 82 OVR

Under Tuchel, he could still show his qualities. Unfortunately, he had to take a break from last season due to an injury. Because of that, he only gets an 82 rating.

Danilo Pereira Rating FIFA 22

Danilo Pereira | Rating FIFA 21: 81 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 81 OVR

The Portuguese midfielder was able to dust off a surprising number of minutes. He also did an amazing job against mighty Bayern. He retains his rating of 82.

Presnel Kimpembe Rating FIFA 22

Presnel Kimpembe | Rating FIFA 21: 81 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 83 OVR

Maestro Kimpembe. You can compare him with Marquinhos. He definitely has leadership qualities, and he has had a strong season too. What is he lacking? That was shown by the ManCity game. Experience, tranquility and above all: accept a defeat. This is what is important if you want to become a great player, but Kimpembe has to make that step yet. But the upgrade to 83 is well deserved.

Julian Draxler Rating FIFA 22

Julian Draxler | Rating FIFA 21: 80 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 80 OVR

It is incomprehensible why Draxler has extended his contract in this team. Pocchetino allows him more playing time than Tuchel or Emery before, but 1,600 minutes and 7 scorer points are not enough.

With the Messi transfer, it is almost impossible for him to get into the starting XI. He keeps his rating at a strong 80 level. We are wondering, how often the german international will play for PSG this season.





Lionel Messi

93 (0)



91 (0)


Kylian Mbappé

91 (+1)

GKGianluigi Donnarumma89 (+4)


Sergio Ramos

88 (-1)


Ángel Di María

87 (=)


Keylor Navas

88 (+1)


Marco Verrati

87 (+1)



87 (+2)

RBAchraf Hakimi
85 (+2)
CMGeorginio Wijnaldum
84 (-1)


Mauro Icardi

83 (-2)


Idrissa Gueye

82 (-2)


Juan Bernat

82 (-1)


Danilo Pereira

81 (=)


Presnel Kimpembe

83 (+2)

CDMLeandro Paredes
81 (+2)


Julian Draxler

80 (=)

CMRafinha80 (+1)
GKSergio Rico
77 (=)
ZMAnder Herrera
79 (=)


Thilo Kehrer

76 (-1)

CBAbdou Diallo
78 (=)

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