FIFA 22 Review: Our Opinion Of The Football-Sim

FIFA 22 Review, Gameplay of FIFA
How does the new FIFA feel like? | © EA SPORTS

FIFA 22 is here, and we already got our hands on it. What is the gameplay like? What exactly is this HyperMotion? And what do we love and hate? We'll tell you the most important things about the new FIFA.

It's finally here: Since September 27, 2021 pre-order-guys can play FIFA 22. From October 1st, it is officially available in stores. We have already played plenty of games in advance and can tell you everything about the most important changes in the new FIFA.

Let's start with our review of FIFA 22. What is good - what is bad, and how does the game feel? Let's go!

FIFA 22 With Nice Graphic On Next-Gen

After comparing the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 version, it quickly became clear to us that the old-gen-graphic differs from the current-gen graphics. Because HyperMotion doesn't just mean new animations, it also means more real graphics.

Especially when taking close-up shots of faces, you can see a huge difference between FIFA on old and new consoles. Whether you have to buy a PS5 for this is questionable. FIFA also runs on PS4 - you certainly don't have to switch for this EA title.

Goalies Are F*cking Broken Again

What would a new FIFA be without the well-known problems between the posts: The goalkeeper A.I. Actually, everything had started out so nicely. EA has promised us new animations for keepers. These have been implemented very well. Here and there, parades look unrealistic, but in general, the keepers jump better, attack better and fend off a number of balls that were safe in FIFA 21.

But ... what can you say: The keepers are broken again. Far too often, they try to save the ball in what feels like slow motion, or they lose the ability to run in the right direction after a corner. The goals you concede... let's put it this way: are not exactly harmless to our controllers.

Overall, the balancing seems extremely unrealistic: First, our goalkeeper saves every shot, no matter how dangerous, only to be "surprised" by a must-have shot. We are already waiting for the first really big patch.

From 1993 to 2022: This is the FIFA evolution:

Is FIFA 22 a Good Game?

You can tell pretty quickly: Ok, it's another FIFA. Feels pretty much the same, here and there are new ball controllings, especially when there was an air ball. But as for FIFA 22 being good or not...

Whether FIFA 22 is a good part will only be seen in the coming weeks. As we said, the keepers urgently need an upgrade. Defending has become a little more difficult - although the defensive lines are more compact. This is probably also due to the fact that central defenders have been made significantly stronger (or simply faster).

In front of the opponents' goal, you have a large selection: long-range shots and headers are just as effective as well-known tap-ins. The biggest change is probably the more sedate gameplay. The gameplay just feels a little slower. Especially in midfield, you combine faster in the end if you give yourself a little more time and wait until the strikers have brought themselves into perfect position.

The slower attack may not please everyone. Since the course of the game itself now finally looks a little more like football, we simply welcome this change. All in all, FIFA 22 is a good game - if you (no hate) get FIFA every year anyway. Because you get what you want.

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