FIFA 22: The "Road to the Knockouts" Event Is Coming!

The Road to the Knockouts event is coming to FIFA 22. This is a long-held tradition for the FIFA community, previously called Road to the Finals, and it's celebrated around this time every year.

Road to the Knockout FIFA 22 FUT
What a great event! | EA Sports

A new event is on the horizon for FIFA Ultimate Team 2022. Anyone who's been playing FUT for a while will, of course, know the event we're talking about. Road to the Knockouts will work just like Road to the Finals. So, what can we expect from the event? And why are there more special cards than usual?

New Cards for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

The well-known Road to the Finals event used to offer us only two teams, one for the Champions League and one for the Europa League. The cards were always really wild, but the special thing this year is that we get a third team, and the cards improve the further the player and his club get in the season.

The Road to the Knockouts cards will be available in packs. And the card luck seems more generous this year, so get into the Weekend League and sweat it out for the best FUT Rewards, it could be worth it.

Which players can we expect? Unfortunately, EA has not confirmed anything, but we're confidently assuming Messi and Ronaldo. Either way, it's kind of fun to have an event where the rewards are a surprise.

FIFA 22 Road to the Knockouts Karten
Damn stylish cards, right? | © EA Sports

FIFA 22: When does the Road to the Knockouts Event Start in FUT?

The Road to the Knockouts event in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team will begin on October 15, 2021, at 19:00 CEST (18:00 BST, 13:00 ET, 10:00 PT). We just hope the servers can withstand this, if not we will, of course, inform you about it on our EA server article.

RTTK brings Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League to FUT 22

These are the three European competitions this season that will come into play on October 15th in the form of tickets. Is it worth buying one for the special cards? Well... It's similar to the OTWs ... except the Road to the Knockouts will have playable cards - so yes! When you have the coins, we say you should absolutely go for it.

As with last year, the blue cards will be for the Champions League, and the orange cards for the EL, but brand new are the green Conference League cards. If the competition doesn't mean anything to you, it's new this season, and it's admittedly a step below the Europa League. But in addition to Union Berlin and Spurs, there are actually a couple of well-known teams involved in the Conference.

The OTW Team 2 will disappear from packs and be replaced by the Road to the Knockouts cards. And as I said, we hope that everything goes smoothly, so we can start this event the right way. But with EA servers the way they are, we have to warn you: under no circumstances go to a Weekend League game at that time!