FIFA 22: How To Start Trading

At the moment, FIFA 22 is about getting as many coins as possible. As a FUT veteran you will already know that trading is the best option for that. But which players are the best in Ultimate Team to make a lot of coins in a short amount of time? Let's take a look.
FIFA 22 Trading
This is not a run to glory... but a run to Mbappé! | © EA Sports

In fact, Shania Twain inspired us, to write this guide for trading in FIFA 22. She summed up the whole mess of Ultimate Team perfectly:

"We live in a greedy little world,
that teaches every little boy and girl
to earn as much as they can possibly,
then turn around and spend it foolishly."

But no pressure. We will take care of you, so you won't make a fool of yourself. Promised!

We have already shown you how you generally get to the first starter team, now the focus is on the mystery of trading. In our guide for the FIFA 22 Web App, we gave you a definition of that mechanic, but saved the hot tips and tricks for this article. Because there are already way too many players trading on the market, we shouldn't waste any time. So... which players will make you the richest human being in FIFA 22?

The Best Players for Trading in FIFA 22

There are two different possibilities for successful trading. One is to snipe players quickly and sell them more expensively. Sounds quite easy, right? Just quickscope some bloody Liverpool players and sell their cards for some fine money. The other way is something for patient players. You have to buy players for the long run... but knowing that their worth will grow over time – that means, not every player is fitting this strategy, but we'll show you a few players for both options. Let's start with the first one:

Rüdiger FIFA 22
Rüdiger is a man of honour. | © FUTBIN

With a price tag of about 11,000 coins, Antonio Rüdiger is a good choice for your trading experience. If you have a quick hand, you can try to snipe him for around 8,000 coins. Imagine it... should you be able to repeat this tactic a few times, you will be rich in no time.

Jerome Roussilon is another old friend of trading veterans. This year, he is even more important. Because of his perfect link with Maxence Lacroix, he is more expensive than last year, but as is the case with Rüdiger, his price lies between 8,000 and 11,000 coins. His teammate Lacroix costs around 40,000 coins, simply because of his insane pace (88). If you think: "Hey EarlyGame, 40k coins is too much for trading, why should I risk my money, why should I do that, why should I listen to your crazy strategies?" You should, because I'm writing this article... And because Lacroix' card is very hot at the moment and everyone buys and sells him. So, with a bit of luck, you generate some solid amount of money with sniping.

For those of you who already had some serious success on the market (why are you even here?), you should take a look at good ol' Ousmane Dembélé. His average price tag should be around 65,000 coins, with a good quickscope, you should be able to get him for 58,000 coins. His worth is rising before every Weekend League.

Trading With Patience

Which players will rise in their worth within the next couple of weeks? We picked three players that you can be pretty sure will increase in value. You just have to take the bet and invest. Feel like Leonardo Di Caprio and be the Wolf of FUT Street. Let's start with the first:

Lucas FIFA 22
He smashed Ajax' dreams. And made me win my bet that evening. | © FUTBIN

During the Weekend League in FIFA 21, Lucas Moura's worth was around 30,000 coins. He is a perfect starter for your Ultimate Team – and with his sale, you can get you some sweet dessert! Before the first Weekend League, the Brazilian gets more expensive. The perfect time to throw him on the market!

Casteels FIFA 22
Goalies can bring you some money as well! | © FUTBIN

This guy should be a sure bet! His worth will rise, we can assure you of that. Because of his pretty solid stats and his perfect link to – of course – Maxence Lacroix, the Wolfsburg goalie will be on fire on the FUT market. And last but not least: his 86 OVR will make him attractive for SBCs. So, he should be a good investment during the whole year!

Sane Trading FUT
Leroy is just in-sané. Ha. | © FUTBIN

Leroy Sané is a good combination of both options. You can snipe him right now for about 8,000 coins and sell him for like 11,000. In the long run, Sané could also be worth a look. His price will rise for the first Weekend League because of his pace and his good links.

Players with an 85 OVR like Lautaro Martínez or an 86 OVR like Samir Handanovic, you have the same possibilities with. Their worth will grow, simply because of their ratings! Right now, you can get Handanovic for like 5,000 coins. In a few weeks, he will make it rain coins, baby. You know the drill: SBCs make also the worst players expensive af.

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