The Best Premier League Team in FUT

If you don't want to build hybrids in FIFA Ultimate Team, and you're satisfied with a single league, then we have a little something for you. We've created two teams for you, a strong Premier League starter team and the dream eleven.
FIFA 22 Premier League OP Team Cheap Starter Günstig Pro
The Premier League is and will remain the best league in the world. | © Kicker

The Premier League remains the most popular league in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. We've already shown you the highest-rated players from the English league, and today, we're putting together the best team from the league - so there's no room for players like Kane or Dias (unfortunately).

The Best Premier League Team In FUT

Let's start with a starter team. Many of you probably don't have more than 100-200k in your account yet, but you can change that with good results in Division Rivals and the Weekend League. Let's take a look at what a good starter team looks like:

Premier League Starter Team
That's what a starter team looks like, right? | © FUTBIN

This Premier League starter team costs 100k. The full-backs were the most difficult to fill for few coins, and so in the end it came down to Regulión and Emerson. But the central defense is much stronger; Joe Gomez and Antonio Rüdiger can more or less compensate for the full-backs. The gems of this team are Zaha and Bailey, both are cheap and both have strong values.

Zaha actually has 5 star skills, so he can also be used in the number 10 position. Allan and Saúl should do your center proud. And Werner? He's one of the best strikers in the game, especially for 32k! So the team is solid, but there would be more to be gained in a hybrid - especially on LB and RB.

Premier League Pro Team
What an insane team! | © FUTBIN

An outstanding team! But the price? Hold on tight ... 4 million coins! I know, I know... actually insane. The only weak point is Robertson, but since pace is not that important yet, you can still let the Scot play.

Kanté and De Bruyne complement each other nicely, but why did we use Son instead of Mané? Well, both are nice, but Son is even more dangerous. Salah also works in both positions, which is very nice.

And you can tell we love Hero cards, and who wouldn't? Keane with CR7 is a dream team. Sure, you need a hell of a lot of coins, but maybe EA will treat you to some FIFA Points?

The Premier League has the best players in the world, and you can get playable teams together for only a few coins. But if you want to really dominate with a PL team, you need to belong to the FIFA 22 'upper class' with coin to spare...

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