FIFA 22 Web App Guide: All you need to know

FIFA 22 FUT Web App Guide
With our Guide you will be the rocket man of FIFA 22! | © EA Sports

In Ultimate Team you always have to be one step ahead of your opponents – it won't be any different in FIFA 22. With the FUT Web Companion App, you can already secure a decisive advantage before the release of FIFA 22. We'll show you what you have to watch out for in these first few days!

Have you ever wondered how the teams of some opponents can already be so grossly OP two days after the release of FIFA? While you still have to struggle with your boring silver and gold players, the first meta-players are already smashing for your opponent. How can that be? The answer can be found in the FUT Web App.

With the FIFA 22 Web App you can dive into the world of Ultimate Team even before the release of the actual game. Squad battles or FUT Champions Finals are of course not accesible on the smartphone, but team building and trading are the actions to aim for. In addition, new rewards await you every day, which you can claim easily. The FUT 22 Web App gives you a head start in Ultimate Team - and we'll show you how!

Release Update: The FIFA Web App releases on September 22nd (browser version), followed by the update for the smartphone on September 23rd. You can use the app until October 17th without purchasing the actual game.

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What is the FIFA 22 Web App?

Imagine Ultimate Team with no matches. Wait – can we keep that sweet illusion? No rage, no adrenaline, no more last minute-heartbreaks. You only focus on your team, packs and trading. You can also easily select and complete SBCs via the app. Basically, all you have to do is connect the FUT Web App to your EA account – and you're good to go. From now on, you can access your Ultimate Team on the go! You want to impress some girls at the bar? Show them your Ultimate Team! Trouble in your relationship? Distract yourself and complete some SBCs on your smartphone. The FIFA 22 Web App is your best choice... and you have to admit – we all kinda stuck in this toxic FIFA relationship...

The advantages of the FUT 22 Web App

The advantages are obvious. During certain events you will receive daily rewards – packs, players, coins or even FUT draft tokens! All you have to do is to log in to your app briefly every day. And that's all about it. In addition, you can always keep an eye on the transfer market and buy or sell some players.

To put a smile on your face: You can build your Ultimate Team even before the release of FIFA 22.

When you access the app for the first time, you will receive the standard starter pack. The pack usually consists of one rare gold player and some other gold, silver and bronze players. Of course you don't have the most blatant team right from the start, but there may be one jewel or two hidden under this huge pile of... solid players.

If you have already suffered from Ultimate Team in the past few years, you will receive a reward for your loyalty. So the tears and smashed controllers over the last few seasons were worth something at least! Depending on how far you got in your last FUT career and how long you've been in the FUT circle of death, you will receive better or worse loyalty packs.

These packs bring you better cards than the regular free packs that everyone gets.

FUT 22 Web App: Squad Building Challenges

The FIFA 22 Web App is also ideal for completing Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). Especially at the beginning of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, the SBCs could turn out to be a gold mine. If you don't have any clue of Squad Building Challenges yet and don't know what the SBCs will bring you, take a look at our Ultimate Team Beginners Guide! By the way, in our FIFA section we will always keep you up to date on the latest SBCs.

Trading with the FUT Web App

In the first few weeks of Ultimate Team, it is really important to get money quickly. Because in the money game... cash is king. To make sure that you don't suffocate from your poverty, we recommend you to take a trip into the world of trading.

There are a few simple tricks that can quickly earn you thousands of coins. To do this, you always have to keep an eye on the transfer market and react quickly. You should better ignore the quickselling option for your cards, this quick money isn't worth anything. While you get 600 coins for rare gold players with the quicksell, you get between 800 and 1000 coins with the normal trade on the market. But we will prepare you for this with our own guide for trading in FIFA Ultimate Team. As soon as the article goes online we will let you know here!

That's it! Now you had your first introduction to the FUT 22 Web App. As you probably already know, you can't plan everything perfectly in Ultimate Team. Much depends on your packluck too. If you're lucky enough to draw one of the expensive players right at the start of the game, you'll get off to a much better start than someone who has some boring players in their pack. With our guides, however, you have a solid knowledge and an overview of the most important aspects FIFA 22 Web App. We wish you a very pleasing start into your Ultimate Team career!

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