FIFA Mega Talent Finally Defeated After Winning 536 Games!

Fifa 21 Anders
No one can win forever! (Credit: EA Sports)

Everything has an end: Since the release of FIFA 21, the Danish mega-talent Anders Vejrgang rushed from one victory to the next in the FUT Champions Weekend League. After a historical record of 536 games won, the esport player from RBLZ Gaming lost his first game on the weekend.

For an incredible 536 games, Danish FIFA talent Anders "RBLZ_Vejrgang" Vejrgang, just 15 years old, remained unbeaten in the FUT Weekend League, securing a record that is likely to stand for a long time. Last weekend, the incredible winning streak came to an end.

Weekend League: Anders Vejrgang Loses

Every weekend Anders Vejrgang rushed from victory to victory in the FUT Champions Weekend League, which is already an incredible achievement. The Dane won 510 games in a row over the course of 17 weeks and started the new weekend with confidence.

After 26 more wins (out of a maximum of 30 possible games), it looked as if Anders could extend his record. But the mega-talent, according to RBLZ gaming coach Daniel Fehr, is subject to huge pressure from the public and finally lost a match.

Anders was already down 1-0 at halftime, but it was in the second half that his opponent really turned up the heat. In the end, the player, who plays FIFA 21 for RB Leipzig's Esports division, was beaten 1:5.

Vejrgang was unable to find a way to counter his opponent's attacking duo of Pele and Neymar, and his tireless attacks constantly came to nothing.

RBLZ_Vejrgang in FIFA 21: A Record For Eternity?

536 wins in the Weekend League is unprecedented in the five-year history of FUT Champions. While Vejrgang was at a loss for words after his defeat, the prodigy received encouragement from other FIFA pros.

Swedish FIFA pro BorasLegend tweeted:

Controversial ex-professional Kurt "Kurt0411" Fenech also bowed to the talent, but as always, flashed his criticism of the FIFA series:

Regardless of whether Anders Vejrgang can ever again put together a similar winning streak, the young FIFA talent has a rosy future ahead of him in esports. When he reaches the age of 16, Vejrgang will finally be allowed to take part in official tournaments - the entire FIFA esports scene is already trembling.

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