15-Year-Old FIFA Pro Anders Vejrgang Is “Under Constant Public Pressure”

Interview with RBLZ Gaming coach Daniel Fehr
RBLZ Gaming have been killing it since the relaunch of the program. (Credit: RBLZ Gaming)

First place in the VBL, the first woman in the Virtual Bundesliga, and the 15-year-old FIFA talent Anders Vejrgang in the squad. That's what Daniel "RBLZ_Daniel" Fehr is talking about in an interview he conducted with us and Kicker.

At the beginning of the FIFA 21 season, RB Leipzig's Esports department relaunched itself under the name RBLZ Gaming. Together with our partner, Kicker, we spoke to coach Daniel Fehr about the current situation, the esports division's future, and mega-talent Anders Vejrgang.

Interview With RBLZ Gaming Coach Daniel Fehr

Things couldn't be going better for RBLZ Gaming, RB Leipzig's newly founded Esports division. After 17 games, the Saxons are in first place in the South-East Division of the VBL Club Championship while fielding the first woman in the history of the Virtual Bundesliga - Lena "RBLZ_Lena" Güldenpfennig.

Meanwhile, 15-year-old Dane Anders "RBLZ_Anders" Vejrgang is racing from one FIFA 21 record to the next and is still unbeaten in the FUT Champions Weekend League after a whopping 510 games!

In the interview, coach Daniel "RBLZ_Daniel" Fehr talks about the youngster and the pressure Anders is under:

"Every little thing that doesn't go the way the community or other people would like is put on the gold scale and it often hails undifferentiated criticism."

With the two German eNational players Richard "RBLZ_Gaucho" Hormes and Umut "RBLZ_Umut" Gültekin, the team's squad is absolutely impressive. Fehr reveals in conversation what else can be taught to such top players:

"With this team, I am absolutely blessed as a coach - there is no question about that. Most of the coaching is pure analyses and mental preparation."

Read the full interview at Kicker to find out what Fehr's coaching looks like with Anders Vejrgang, how the players are coping with the new FIFA 21 meta and what the team's cohesion is like.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.

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