FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Beginners Guide: Get Started With FUT 22!

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Beginners Guide
The ultimate guide for FUT 22! | © EA Sports

Ultimate Team will probably be the most played mode in FIFA 22 as well. We don't want to say whether the online mode will also be the most loved. The frustration that FUT spreads every year is just too big. Nevertheless, the community continues to grow. You want to dive into the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team mode? Then you have come to the right place! That's our Beginners Guide for Ultimate Team!

Every year the same procedure. How many times have we vowed to never again touch Ultimate Team again? How big was our disappointment, how bad the rewards? Even so, the hype is the same every year and we can't wait to get started. If you are interested in FUT, but don't know exactly where to start, you've come to the right place! We'll show you what the most important aspects in FIFA Ultimate Team are. With this beginner guide you can get started in Ultimate Team!

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What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

Before we start with this guide, we answer the most important question. Ultimate Team is the mode that will be responsible for your grey hair. You will create your own team and can expand and strengthen it through success in offline and online games. Numerous challenges await you every day, the rewards of them will help you too – sometimes more, sometimes less. If you do well, you will rise in your rank and challenge better opponents. There are several different game modes that will mostly drive you crazy, but also give you interesting rewards in the end.

You collect all kinds of player cards in order to be able to combine them in the best possible way on your team – and lead them to glory. But how does that work? Well, you have to continue reading.

The Beginning of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

At the beginning of your FUT career, you have to found your club. Here you decide on a suitable club name. If you already have a FUT account, you can, of course, continue to use the name from a previous season. You have to choose a logo too, but this can be changed again later in the game with a small amount of the in-game currency.

After your club is founded, there are some introduction tasks that are not too difficult. The completion of these tasks will reward you with your first player packs and maybe some coins that you can invest in players or packs. Here we list the most important aspects in Ultimate Team that you should definitely pay attention to after founding your club! Here we go!

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Guide: Player Cards

When you dive into FUT for the first time, the mode looks like another trading card game. There are players in bronze, silver, gold – at the beginning everything is still quite clear. During the season, however, new card types will be regularly added to the game: Team of the Week (TOTW), Ones to Watch (OTW) or Team of the Year (TOTY) are among them. Ultimate Team is crammed with special events. These events are mostly based on real events. For example, if Raheem Sterling scores a hattrick on the weekend, the chances are pretty high that he will appear in the upcoming TOTW. The performances of the real players influence the demand on the market and also their price. So always keep an eye on current football events!

Player Cards can be secured by completing certain challenges and tasks. There is also a transfer market where you can offer or buy players yourself. But it always makes sense to keep most of your cards. Whether you want to change your team or just want to make money with it to get you a better player – the choice is yours. But you should definitely take a look at the so-called Squad Building Challenges (SBC)!

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Guide: Squad Building Challenges

SBCs appear on a regular basis and offer you unique rewards. To complete a Squad Building Challenge, you need to submit one team (or more) with players who meet certain conditions. For example, an SBC could look like this:

Gold-Team: min. 11 Gold-Players, min. 60 Chemistry, min. 75 Rating

El Shaarawy FUTTIES SBC Gold Squad
This could be a simple and regular SBC. | © Futbin

If you fulfill all conditions, you can submit your team. However, the players used will be lost forever. So think carefully which players you will sacrifice! After the completion, you will either receive packs or individual players. So always keep your eyes open for the latest SBCs! We will of course always keep you up to date in our FIFA section.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Guide: Chemistry

As you will probably have asked yourself: Chemistry? What is that? The team chemistry actually describes how well your players harmonize with each other. You can of course blindly pick some fancy players and throw them together... But we don't do that here. No chemistry, no party!

Your goal should be to get your team chemistry up to 100. But how do you do that? It's very simple: Ideally, every player has a chemistry of 10. This is made up of the team, the league and the nationality to which the player belongs. If there are players with similiar heritage, the chemistry within your team will rise. The starting position of your player also has an influence on this stat. If someone plays in an unfamiliar position, the chemistry will decrease.

The chemistry of each player influences the performance of the individual player. If someone plays in his favorite position and is connected to similar leagues or nations in the line-up, his chemistry and, accordingly, his performance increases. If that's not the case... well, be prepared for some bitter under-performance.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Guide: Loyalty

To master your chemistry stats, you definitely should take a look at the loyalty. If someone has already played ten times for your team, he receives an additional chemistry point. It's even easier with players drawn from a pack: pack players receive a loyalty bonus right from the start! The bonus is shown with a green symbol on the card.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Guide: Items

In Ultimate Team, not only players are important. Packs often contain items or consumables. These include, for example, player contracts, healings, position modifiers or chemistry styles. Here is a list of the most important item cards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team:

  • Training: Improve the skills of players for a short amount of time.
  • Position modifiers: You can modify the position of an individual player.
  • Chemistry Styles: These cards provide a boost for specific attributes.
  • Manager: Contribute to team chemistry through their nationality and league.
  • Contracts: Your players' contracts need to be renewed regularly. That's what these cards are for.
  • Healings: If one of your players gets injured, you can use it to bring them back on track.

But there are also cards for jerseys, stadiums or goal anthems! With them, you can design and decorate your club individually. But take a look at the FUT market too! Some item cards are in great demand and let you generate some sweet cash.

FIFA Coins and FIFA Points

While we're talking about money: There is no Financial Fairplay in Ultimate Team. You have the choice between hard-earned FIFA Coins or FIFA Points, for which you have to pay real money. So in the end, the game is somewhat realistic again. Some work hard for their success and put a lot of effort into the game, others put a huge amount of money in it – and get the big rewards.

If you decide to take the (honorable) path without financial injections, you have to hope for a little bit of luck too. You will earn some coins through matches, but you will certainly not get rich from that. Actually, the packluck decides your fate. If you are lucky enough to draw a meta-player in the early stages of Ultimate Team... then congratulations! You are rich.

Over time, however, you will develop a feeling for the financial situation in Ultimate Team. When is the right time to get specific players? When should you buy packs, when should you avoid them? Sometimes it can make sense to take the risk and pay the coins. Sometimes you should save them and wait for the right moment.

But if you choose FIFA Points... then you are spending money. For a game you've already paid for. That's it.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Guide: Game modes

Ultimate Team is divided into several game modes. We list all of them with a short description to give you a rough overview. Each mode has its own set of benefits and will take you forward in your FUT career in their own way.

  • Squad Battles: Here, you play against the computer. No qualification is required for the Squad Battles. Every week, you can fight your way up the leaderboard in forty games. The rewards are better or worse depending on the number of wins. After your forty games you can of course continue to use the mode to work through any challenges or tasks.
  • Division Rivals: You start in Division 10 and work your way up the ranking against other online players. To give you a more detailed overview of the mode, we recommend this article.
  • Draft: Participation is only possible for an entry fee. There will be 4 matches, which you can play either against the computer or online opponents. If you take part, you have to put together a team. For each position, players will be suggested to you. Many victories promise maximum success. For the beginning of Ultimate Team, drafts are not recommended because of the high fee and the low rewards.
  • FUT Champions: The goal of every FUT player! Formerly known as the Weekend League, the FUT Champions Finals demand everything from you. 20 games – no more, no less. Can you sweat your way to success? You can read about the changes in FUT Champions mode here.
  • Friendlies: As the name suggests already: no pressure. Here, you can let off steam and try out your tactics. But watch out: The friendlies are also suitable for completing some challenges!

And that's it! Get off to a good start in FIFA 22 with this guide for Ultimate Team. Of course, we will also provide a guide for more advanced actions in the game. When the time comes, we'll let you know about it here! Until then, have a nice day!

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