FUT 21: Affordable Low-Cost Icons Under 300K – Are They Worth It?

FUT 21 Icons Under 200 K
Credit: EA Games

The vast majority of FUT 21 players can only dream about premium icons like Pele or Ronaldo. Those icon cards cost more than 7 million coins which is almost impossible to earn, especially if you have a life besides FIFA. However, there are some iconic players that you can get for less than 300,000 coins. Considering that such an amount of coins can get you some really good players with better stats, let’s check out the real value of those icons and see what they offer and are they really worth it?

Icons Under 200K

Every icon player has 3 cards, base, middle and prime. The base icons essentially have the worst stats out of the three. Needles to say, the prime icons are the best ones with the best stats, and they are the most expensive ones.

The base or so-called “baby” icons are usually 85 and 86 rated players that are just not worth it. A regular 85 rated card doesn’t cost more than 50K so you should probably find both cheaper and better solutions for your team.

Luckily, there are some middle icons that can be bought for less than 200,000 coins. Truth to be told, they are still not worth it unless you are in desperate need of an icon to increase chemistry in your hybrid team.

Let’s say you are on a tight budget and you need an icon card as soon as possible to make everything work. Considering the nature of a hybrid team this player would probably be a CB or midfielder.

Our suggestions for CB icons under 200K are Nesta (90) and Baresi (88). Both players are relatively fast with great defending capabilities.

If you need a midfielder it mostly depends on the position. For the CDM position, our top pick is mid icon Guardiola (87), the CM position definitely goes to Scholes (89), while the CAM position has many great players but the best one we could find is prime Nakata (88).

If, for some reason, you need an ST player the best one you can get in this budget is Marco van Basten (91).

Icon Cards Ranging from 200K to 300K

Fut 21 Icons Under 300k
Credit: EA Games

If you bought any of those icons we previously mentioned you will probably want to upgrade them as soon as possible. As soon as the Weekend League and Division Rivals rewards come, you will probably be packed with additional 100K. So, let’s check what are your options now and how to upgrade those cards.

Obviously, the easiest way to upgrade those cards would be to just buy their prime versions. Luckily, our CB’s Nesta and Baresi both have prime cards for under 300K and it is probably the best solution to just upgrade them.

For the midfield area, we suggest a different solution. Instead of upgrading cards, there are some better ones that can be bought under this new budget. Unfortunately, Guardiola is the only CDM icon player in this price range so you will need much more coins to upgrade him.

On the other hand, CM and CAM positions have some better solutions. We suggest Andrea Pirlo (90) for CM and Laudrup (91) for CAM. For the ST position, we recommend Kluivert (91) who’s pitch performance is way above the ratings suggest.

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