FUT 21: Find The Cheapest Solution for Every SBC

Chepest solution for every sbc
Here's how you find the cheapest solutions for SBCs. (Credit: EA Sports)

The majority of FIFA players often struggle to complete SBCs. They usually try to complete it by themselves and end up buying overpriced silver players because that’s the only one that fits to maintain chemistry. Your main job should be to avoid those situations where only one player meets the criteria, and your only solution is to buy him. That’s why you should follow some basic SBC rules, never to let that happen. If you want to know how to do so, keep reading and find out.

Use Untradable Players From Your Team

Of course, we all want to get rid of those untradable players that we never use. The only way to do so, is to submit them into SBCs. However, sometimes it is really hard to complete an SBC using only players that you already have. Let’s take one SBC, for example.

SBC Challenge Requirements
An example on how to find the cheapest solutions for SBCs (Credit: EA Sports)

The SBC example from the picture above has the following requirements:

Spain Players:
Min. 1
Players from the same
league: Max. 7
from one club: Min. 5
Players: Min. 5
Overall Rating: Min 80
Chemistry: Min 95

We need to place all players that meet the criteria the SBC requires into substitutes. The first requirement we need to look for is the hardest one, in this case, five players from the same club.

Luckily, this particular SBC does not require any specific league, so we can pick any league we want. Go through your team and find any club from which you have at least five players and put all the players from that club into substitutes. In case you don’t have that, just pick the club from which you have the most players. Keep in mind that you need high rated players, as it requires a minimum of an 80 overall rating, so don’t choose a club from the second leagues. The next step is to fill the board and see which positions are still empty.

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SBC find solution
Another guide on how to find the cheapest solution for every SBC. (Credit: EA Sports)

As you can have only seven players from the same league, you should find additional two players from that league to connect your players to. In our case, it is impossible to maintain enough chemistry with just two additional players from La Liga. That’s why we need to buy one CB from Sevilla, so our keeper would have a green link and ten chemistry. We can also add any player from La Liga to the RB position. After doing so, we will have six players from the same team so that we can lose one CM player.

SBC filling spots
Is this cheapest solution guide helpful? (Credit: EA Sports)

If you have something like this, it is relatively easy to complete the SBC. Just select any other league and fill the remaining empty spots on the board. In this example, we used Premier League players.

Chepest sbc completed
And finally, we come to the last part of our Cheapest Solution for every SBC guide! (Credit: EA Sports)

Now, we have successfully completed the SBC using only untradable players. The only player we had to buy was CB from Sevilla to get enough chemistry. But how to know which players you should buy? If you aren’t careful, you can often end up buying players that won’t fit into the team, and you won’t be able to use them. So, for those who aren’t experienced with SBCs and can’t calculate the total chemistry in their head, it is better to use concept players. Try out solutions with concept players instead of buying them. After you find the solution that requires the least amount of tradable players, go and purchase those and complete the SBC. In other words, use as many untradable players as you can to always get the cheapest solution.

Find Cheapest SBC-Solutions At EarlyGame

If you are one of those players that always take coins as a reward, you probably don’t have any spare players in your team. Therefore, you will need to buy all 11 players for every SBC you want to complete. Luckily, this makes your job relatively easy because you don’t have to find solutions, you can just copy the ones from the internet. Head over to the EarlyGame FIFA page and check out the latest SBCs with the cheapest solutions.

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