FUT 21: PL POTM Bruno Fernandes SBC Solution

FUT 21: PL POTM Bruno Fernandes SBC solution
Extremely strong card for a considerable price: PL POTM Bruno Fernandes. (Image Credit: EA Sports)

After the Spanish La Liga, the English Premier League has now also revealed its Player of the Month. None other than Manchester United's Portuguese Bruno Fernandes is PLOTM in November 2020, securing his fourth special card of the season. We have the most favorable SBC solution for the midfielder.

Manchester United's Bruno Fernandes succeeds Heung-Min Son as Premier League POTM and secures the trophy in November 2020. After La Liga POTM Joao Felix, the Squad Building Challenge in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team has finally started - we provide you with the cheapest solution.

Quick-Facts about PL POTM Bruno Fernandes

  • Position: ZOM
  • Nation: Portugal
  • League: Premier League
  • OVR: 91
  • Weak foot: 4 stars
  • Special moves: 4 stars
  • Price: about 1 million coins
  • Expiration: January 11, 2021

Is the Card of PL POTM Bruno Fernandes Worth it?

Leaving aside the truly outstanding stats of POTM Bruno Fernandes (91 shooting, 92 passing, 91 dribbling), which make the Portuguese versatile in attacking and defensive midfield, the answer to the question is clearly no.

Around one million FIFA coins for an untradeable card that you can't sell on the transfer market is already a house number. In addition, Bruno Fernandes already has two Inform cards and most recently a TOTGS variant from the group stage of the Champions League.

The latter in particular (total value 90) currently costs significantly less at around 790,000 coins and is only slightly worse than the POTM card. More Inform cards are guaranteed to follow over the course of the season, further diminishing the value of the Squad Building Challenge.

Premier League POTM Bruno Fernandes is extremely strong, but simply too expensive. Тhe deal is not worth it. Especially since Fernandes will probably already play a role in the FUT 21 TOTY (Team of the Year) at the end of 2020 as well.

FIFA 21 PL POTM Bruno Fernandes SBC Solution

If you want to get POTM Bruno Fernandes, you have to trade five teams. At least every SBC rewards you with a card pack.

EarlyGame Tip: Wait until the FUT 21 TOTY is available before completing the SBC. Then the prices on the transfer market will drop, which should significantly reduce the cost of the challenge.
  • Team with a player from Portugal (85 OVR, at least 80 chemistry)
  • Team with a player from Manchester United (86 OVR, at least 75 chemistry)
  • Team with a player from the Premier League (86 OVR, at least 70 chemistry)
  • Team with a TOTW player (87 OVR, at least 50 chemistry)
  • Team with a total of 88 (at least 50 chemistry)

Team 1: National Duty

For this SBC, which costs around 115,000 coins, we opt for a Premier League team that features three goalkeepers.

FIFA 21 PL POTM Bruno Fernandes National Duty SBC
The team for the National Duty SBC. (Image Credit: FUTBIN)

Team 2: Manchester United

Again, we choose a team from the Premier League with three goalkeepers, in which David De Gea fulfills the team requirement. Price: About 181,000 coins.

FIFA 21 PL POTM Bruno Fernandes Manchester United SBC
The second team is still holding its own with around 181,000 coins. (Image Credit: FUTBIN)

Team 3: Premier League

Premiere League for the third time, but this time including two players from Ajax Amsterdam to bring the price down a bit. Here the price is just under 180,000 coins.

FIFA 21 PL POTM Bruno Fernandes Premier League SBC
A duo of Ajax Amsterdam significantly reduces the price. (Image Credit: FUTBIN)

Team 4: Top Form

Actually, the SBC requirement mentions a TOTW card, but it is not needed at all to complete. A mistake? We don't care. Nevertheless, this team still costs just under 230,000 coins.

FIFA 21 PL POTM Bruno Fernandes Top Form SBC
Due to an error, the 4th team does not need a TOTW card after all. (Image Credit: FUTBIN)

Team 5: 88-Rated Squad

With about 322,000 coins the most expensive of the five teams. However, we only achieve the price because we include a whole five goalkeepers in the team.

FIFA 21 PL POTM Bruno Fernandes 88-Rated Squad SBC
Team 5 is almost as expensive as Kevin De Bruyne's 92 card at around 322,000 coins. (Image Credit: FUTBIN)

Once you've traded in all five teams, you'll have an extremely strong card in the form of PL POTM Bruno Fernandes, but you'll have emptied your coin account considerably. Was it worth it? You don't know.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.