FUT 21: The Most Important Attributes for Midfielders

Fut 21 what if ngolo kante
Midfielders and what they need! (Credit: EA Sports)

FUT 21 Midfielders are probably the most important players in the game. Those players need to control the ball, assist the defense, and create chances. With that in mind, we need players that are capable of doing everything mentioned above. But which attributes do they need to do that? Keep reading and find out which are the most important attributes for Midfielders in FIFA 21.

Defensive Midfielders

Keep in mind that not all Midfielders are the same. Some of them are stronger when attacking, while others just need to stay back and help defend.

The perfect defensive midfielder should be tall and strong. However, there are some short CDM's like Allan and Kante that are quick with high Strength and Aggression, so their height isn’t such a big deal. With that being said, let’s see which other attributes are important for defensive midfielders.


Kante fut21 card
Kante FUT 21 Card Attributes (Source: EA Sports)

The Pace is, of course, a big plus for every position, so try to find a player with at least 80 Pace. The defensive midfielder will also need 80+ on Vision, Short Passes, and Long Passes. Their main job is to help defend before it's too late, so Interceptions and Stand Tackle play a huge role in that position. The grade on those two attributes does not necessarily have to be too high, but 80 is bare a minimum. It is also useful to have high Reactions for 50% - 50% scenarios and high Stamina to maintain the rhythm during the whole 90 minutes.

Attacking Midfielders

On the other side, midfielders that are oriented towards attack require similar attributes as attackers do. The Pace is important, but it is not essential; it mostly depends on your play style. If you like to outrun your wings and cross the ball towards the attacker, then 90+ Pace
is definitely a must-have

However, Shoot Power and Finishing are both a must for all play styles. Those two attributes are required for every CAM, RM, and LM. Players at mentioned positions usually find themselves in shooting situations in which they have to be able to capitalize. It is also important to have high crossing, especially on LM and RM, not to mention pretty much everything in the dribbling department, as those are the players who dribble the most. You will also need at least 4-star skill moves to make that dribbling work. That’s pretty much it, other attributes are also important, but those are the most important ones.

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