FUT 21 Weekend League Tips and Tricks

FIFA 21 Match Select
Here are some tips for the FUT 21 Weekend League (Credit: EA Sports)

Weekend League rewards are just too good not to play it. Every win in WL moves you up the ladder in the competition, which means better packs and more player picks. In order to get better rewards, you need to increase your win rate. Stay tuned and check out our tips and tricks that can get you some additional wins in the Weekend League.

Prepare Your Team

The most important thing is, of course, to prepare your team. Every week you play, you are constantly upgrading your squad, which is normal. Your primary focus should be to finish with upgrades on Thursday, and have a stable team for the WL. It is not good to experiment and change your team during the competition. So: buy whichever players you wanted to try before the league starts. On top of that, players are also the least expensive on Thursdays because it is the day when everyone gets free packs and sells players.

Explore Different Game Plans & Stay Focused

The thing you can experiment with is your game plan. If your current game plan isn't working, you can try to use different strategies. Make a few custom strategies and try them out against different players. If one approach does not work against your opponent, you should always have a different strategy in reserve.

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FIFA 21 Weekene League Tactics
Tactics are so important for weekend league. (Credit: EA Sports)

Play All 30 Games

The maximum amount of games you can play in every Weekend League is 30. In the perfect case scenario, you will have enough time to play all 30 games. However, we live in the real world, and we often do not have that amount of time for gaming. Therefore, if you have any spare games, you should use them.

But how to use them? There is an unwritten rule that constantly repeats in Weekend League for many years now. Usually, on Sundays, there are a lot of players with that particular problem. They have too many games and too little time to play them all. That's why most of the games on Sunday evenings are 2-minute games. Whoever scores first wins the match. Go into the game with ultra-attacking and try to score the goal as fast as you can. If you concede a goal, just resign a match and start another one. Continuing to play that match is not an option, you will lose too much time trying to get back in the game, and it is just not worth it. So, if you have too many spare unplayed matches, make sure to play 2-minute matches on Sunday evenings and try to win as many as you can.

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