FUT 21 What If-Event Tracker: All Upgrades & Players

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When are upgrades coming? Where are the teams at? Our tracker will tell you (Credit: EA Sports)

In the brand-new FUT event 'What If' you can expect another squad of dynamic special cards. How do the upgrades work? We'll tell you in the FUT 21 What If tracker.

On February 26,a brand-new promo event made its debut in FIFA 21: FUT 21 What If.Compared to the popular FUT Headliners or Ones to Watch, the player upgrades work a bit differently. You can find all information and upgrades in our What If Tracker.

FUT 21 What if Upgrades – The Requirements

Eleven players can be found in the first team, more will follow via SBC and through tasks. Furthermore, FUT 21 What If Team 2 will be released on March 5, so there will be about 30 dynamic cards in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team in total.

FUT-What-If players are dynamic special objects that can receive a one-time +2 upgrade if their team meets certain criteria in real soccer.

  • Strikers and Midfielders: Upgrade if their respective club scores at least 6 goals in total in the next 5 matches in the domestic league.
  • Defenders and Goalkeepers: Upgrade if their respective club goes 1 match without conceding a goal in the next 5 matches in the domestic league.

The match count starts from the time the cards were first released in FIFA Ultimate Team. The updates are always applied on the following Wednesday with the release of the new TOTW.

However, there are no performance-related upgrades: if a What If player secures the +2, no further adjustments are possible.

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FUT 21 What If Tracker (UPDATE)

Four goals have been scored by AS Monaco in the match against AS St. Etienne, so What If Diatta is a good step closer to his upgrade. In Friday's match o Betis Sevilla also scored 2 goals, What if Cristiano Tello is thus only one goal short.

In addition, Dries Mertens, Sergio Reguilon, Pierre Lees-Melou, and Luka Jovic earned their upgrade over the weekend. These will find their way into the game on 24/03 with TOTW 26.

Article update: March 20, 2021

What If Strikers/Midfielders

Here the respective team must score 6 goals within 5 games.

  • CDM: Leroy Fer (Feyenoord) - (UPGRADE!) -> 87 OVR
  • RM: Jadon Sancho (Borussia Dortmund) - (UPGRADE!) -> 92 OVR
  • CAM: Martin Odegaard (Arsenal London) - (UPGRADE!) -> 90 OVR
  • ST: Francesco Caputo (Sassuolo Calcio) - (UPGRADE!) -> 89 OVR
  • CF: Dries Mertens (SSC Napoli) - (UPGRADE!) (on 24.03)
  • ST: Luka Jovic (Eintracht Frankfurt) - (UPGRADE!) (on 24.03)
  • RM: Cristian Tello (Betis Sevilla) - (5 goals, 2 games remaining)
  • LM: Roberto Pereyra (Udinese Calcio) - (5 goals, 1 game remaining)
  • CDM: Lucas Leiva (Lazio Roma) - (5 goals, 2 games remaining)
  • CDM: Mattéo Guendouzi (Hertha BSC) - (5 goals, 2 games remaining)
  • RM: Krépin Diatta (AS Monaco) - (4 goals, 3 games remaining)
  • CAM: Florian Thauvin (Olympique Marseille) - (4 goals, 2 games remaining)
  • CM: Daniel Wass (Valencia FC) - (4 goals, 2 games remaining)
  • CAM: Alejandro Gomez (Sevilla FC) - (3 goals, 1 game remaining)
  • RM: Raphinha (Leeds United) - (2 goals, 1 game remaining)
  • CDM: N'Golo Kanté (Chelsea London) - (2 goals, 2 games remaining)
  • LM: Vincenzo Grifo (SC Freiburg) - (2 goals, 2 games remaining)
  • ST: José Luis Morales (Levante UD) - (1 goal, 2 games remaining)
  • ST: Richarlison (Everton FC) - (1 goal, 4 games remaining)
  • ST: Adam Armstrong (Blackburn Rovers) - (1 goal, 3 games remaining)

What If Defenders/Goalkeepers

Here a single game with 0 goals conceded within five games is enough. A 0:0 draw also counts.

  • LB: Wendell (Bayer Leverkusen) - (UPGRADE!) -> 88 OVR
  • RM: Pepe (FC Porto) - (UPGRADE!) -> 88 OVR
  • CB: Marcelo (Olympique Lyon) - (UPGRADE!) -> 90 OVR
  • CB: Chris Smalling (Roma FC) - (UPGRADE!) -> 90 OVR
  • RV: Kevin Mbabu (VFL Wolfsburg) – (UPGRADE!) -> 87 OVR
  • LB: Yuri Berchiche (Atletic Bilbao) - (UPGRADE!) -> 89 OVR
  • RB: Ricardo Pereira (Leicester City) - (UPGRADE!) -> 89 OVR
  • LB: Sergio Reguilón (Tottenham Hotspur) - (UPGRADE!) -> 89 OVR (on 24.03)
  • CM: Pierre Lees-Melou (OGC Nizza) - (UPGRADE!) -> 88 OVR (on 24.03)
  • RB: Kévin Malcuit (AC Florenz) - (4 games remain)

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