FUT 22: New Weekend League Changes

FIFA 22 FUT RIvals and FUT Champions
In FIFA 22 a lot of things will change.

EA announces news and changes to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. We give an overview of what will be different in the most popular mode. The Weekend League only has 20 games left. Division Rivals and FUT Champions will be redesigned.

Ultimate Team is still the mode when it comes to FIFA. This will not change in FIFA 22 either. However, there is some news about FUT Division Rivals. We show you the most important announcements from EA.

It's already crazy that the pack openings will change. It should go more in the direction of panini packs. Only the older ones will remember.

It starts with an essential message: The Weekend League will have 20 games instead of the previous 30! We had already heard that from leaks, now it was confirmed.

Ultimate Team in FIFA 22: 20 Games in the Weekend League

Probably the best news for all FUT gamers. The Weekend League only has 20 games instead of 30. No more spending ages of our free time on the weekend grinding.

But fewer games also mean more pressure on you. Let's see what that will look like. Oh, and the biggest change is coming: The Weekend League is no longer in FIFA 22!

Shocked? Relax, because EA only changed the name of the Weekend League: FUT Champions Finals. You can read how it all works below.

FUT Rivals News - With Seasons & Elite Division

FUT Rivals is its own thing in FIFA 22. All players will start in Division 10 and, of course, want to advance immediately. The placement matches have been removed. Division Rivals is now a seasonal competition tied to the entire FUT season. A season lasts about 6 weeks. We already know the season-based mode from FIFA 18.

Divisions now consist of levels and ranks. A victory brings you one step forward - with a winning streak, you can advance faster. The new checkpoints secure your progress and save you from being reset again.

The checkpoints also show you exactly which requirements you have to complete in order to get further. For the pros among you, there is the elite division.

FUT 22 New Weekend League Changes
The new FUT Division Rivals Menu | © EA Sports

Everyone wants to belong here. In the ultimate division in FIFA 22. The elite division awaits you after division 1. There, the best FUT players in the world will compete and here, you will once again see a skill rating system, already known from FIFA 21.

All players in the Elite Division are ranked among the top 200 players on the global leaderboard, based on their skill rating. If you reach the elite, you will stay there until the end of the current season.

FUT Champions Finals Replace the Weekend League

Ok, and how does the qualification for the new FUT Champions Finals work? Sequentially. First of all, you have to qualify for the FUT play-offs. After that, the FUT Champions Finals follow.

How do you qualify for FUT play-offs?

In the future, the week will be divided into qualification, Champions Play-offs, and then FUT Champion Finals. So you have to collect qualification points that you will get in Division Rivals.

If you have collected enough points, you are automatically qualified for the play-offs and your hunt for participation in the finals continues.

How do you qualify for the FUT Champions Finals?

If you collect enough points in the playoffs, you will receive a token that allows you to take part in the FUT Champions Finals. Like the Weekend League, these take place on weekends.

The token then gives you the choice of when to be part of the finals.

FIFA 22 FUT Rewards: Division Rewards & Milestones

Rewards await you everywhere in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Of course, the best rewards in the game await you in FUT 22 again in the Weekend League - sorry - in the finals. If you perform well here, your Ultimate Team will quickly achieve a 90 rating.

At the end of the new seasons, you will also receive rewards. Depending on where you finished a division, these rewards are better or worse. The grind is worth it.

There are also milestones. Every game that you play takes you one step forward there. So, if you lose three or four games in a row, relax! After all, these games also give important points for the milestones, which then bring you rewards.

FIFA 22 Squad Battles: Better Rewards Ahead?

You can play Squad Battles again in the upcoming FIFA. The mode for many playable cards, such as the Icon Swaps. The system is not going to change much. You play against the computer, get your rewards on Mondays and this mode will probably be helpful for some Battle Pass tasks.

Better rewards?
In fact, there have already been the first leaks that the rewards should be increased a little. Completely cope. I mean, it feels like you play for hours, win every game 12:0 and on Mondays you get 3 gold packs as a reward. Wow. Thanks for nothing.

To what extent this should change is not yet known. But just keep an eye on this article, we will announce new information here as soon as we have it.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Trailer

If all of this was too much to read for you, we of course also have the official FUT 22 trailer for you. Enjoy it!

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