The FUT Heroes are Finally Available!

The ratings of the FUT Heroes cards are finally here, for the first time in FIFA 22. So, what are the stats saying? Are we disappointed or excited for Gomez, Di Natale & Co.? And how can you get them as they are finally available?
FUT Heroes FIFA 22
Let's talk about these outstanding cards! | © EA Sports

Mario Gomez, Antonio Di Natale, Diego Milito: We know, they're fantastic players in real life, but what do the FIFA devs think? We had to wait a long time for the ratings of the Heroes, but now we've got them. So do they have meta-potential or not?

FIFA 22 Heroe-Ratings

Abédi Pelé Rating FIFA 22

Abédi Pelé | FIFA 22: 89 OVR

Abédi Pelé shines above the rest with his speed. He brings 91 pace to the pitch, 83 shooting, and 91 dribbling. Overall, that gives him an 89, making Pelé one of the stronger heroes in FIFA 22.

Jürgen Kohler Rating FIFA 22

Jürgen Kohler | FIFA 22: 89 OVR

Jürgen Kohler gets a strong 89 in FIFA 22! The German has 91 defending and 90 physique on his card. The FIFA fans have already expressed their disappointment with 71 pace, but we can give you hope here too. Because central defenders became stronger again in FIFA 22 - even when they don't have speed.

David Ginola Rating FIFA 22

David Ginola | FIFA 22: 89 OVR

Ginola gets an 89 rating with a really well-balanced set of stats. All around a strong card that you can link with Ligue 1 players. I can already see the teams with him and Mbappé ...

Diego Milito Rating FIFA 22

Diego Milito | FIFA 22: 88 OVR

Bayern fans, please don't think about 2010. Milito has quite a few similarities to Mario Gómez. The Argentine also has an 88 overall with 83 pace. This card will definitely be popular... but not with Bayern fans.

Mario Gómez Rating FIFA 22

Mario Gómez | FIFA 22: 88 OVR

Oh man, we were looking forward to this card! In the past few years, everyone has wanted a Gómez SBC, and now he's finally here. With an 88 rating, too. He's not likely to be a meta player because of his 83 pace, but that doesn't matter - who doesn't love Mario Gómez anyway?

Fernando Morientes Rating FIFA 22

Fernando Morientes | FIFA 22: 89 OVR

The next striker. And what a man: 90 shooting will pay off in his game, just like in LaLiga. And with an 89 OVR, it will take a lot to bring him down.

Antonio Di Natale Rating FIFA 22

Antonio Di Natale| FIFA 22: 88 OVR

Is this the strongest Heroes card? We think so. Di Natale just has fantastic values. 90 pace, 91 shots, 90 dribbling: the Italian is a machine in FIFA 22.

Jorge Campos Rating FIFA 22

Jorge Campos | FIFA 22: 87 OVR

The goalkeeper gets an 87 in FIFA 22 and with those stats, he's going to be difficult to ignore. Everything is possible at Campos it seems, we are excited.

Iván Córdoba Rating FIFA 22

Iván Córdoba| FIFA 22: 87 OVR

The best center-back in FIFA 22? Córdoba definitely has the potential. He ended his career at Inter, but now it's time to join your squad. A really strong card indeed.

Joe Cole Rating FIFA 22

Joe Cole | FIFA 22: 87 OVR

Joe Cole, not Ashley Cole, got an 87 in FIFA 22. His values are impressive, so we expect a strong Englishman. He feels at home on CAM.

Sami Al Jaber Rating FIFA 22

Sami Al Jaber| FIFA 22: 86 OVR

Al Jaber gets an 86 in FIFA 22. The values? Really strong 88 speed coupled with 86 shooting - yes please. Unfortunately, he lacks those other attacking values slightly, which is why he will not be one of the absolute strongest. But he's definitely playable.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær Rating FIFA 22

Ole Gunnar Solksjær| FIFA 22: 86 OVR

The fans won't care much about this card since he's not allowed to train Ronaldo & co. this year. Nevertheless, we celebrate being able to gamble with the Norwegian. The stats are good, but not exceptional. The redeeming quality here is 88 shooting.

Robbie Keane Rating FIFA 22

Robbie Keane | FIFA 22: 86 OVR

The Irish legend that once performed so brilliantly at the Spurs, he's now become a hero. 86 OVR offers more than you think at first glance, because 87 speed, 88 shots, and 88 dribbling make him a really good striker. Unfortunately, he also has weak pass values (76), but Keane will be solid and viable all the same.

Jerzy Dudek Rating FIFA 22

Jerzy Dudek | FIFA 22: 86 OVR

An excellent Premier League goalkeeper for FIFA 22! Dudek has an 86, so we're excited to see how good he will be on the pitch.

Freddie Ljungberg Rating FIFA 22

Freddie Ljungberg | FIFA 22: 86

Ljungberg only ended his career in Mumbai in 2015, and he's already got a Heroes card in FIFA 22. At 86, he got the standard rating for a hero. Of course, we'll have to wait and see what the meta will be, but we're not expecting too much from him.

Alexander Wladimirowitsch Mostovoi Rating FIFA 22

Alexander Wladimirowitsch Mostovoi | FIFA 22: 86 OVR

Mostovoi once played for Celta Vigo and Deportivo Alavés, so LaLiga is on the map. However, his stats are less convincing, overall he comes to an 86.

Tim Cahill Rating FIFA 22

Tim Cahill | FIFA 22: 85 OVR

With the Australian legend, we would have hoped for better values. 80 speed and 85 shooting leave a lot to be desired. His best value is 86 physique.

Clint Dempsey Rating FIFA 22

Clint Dempsey | FIFA 22: 85

Dempsey unfortunately only gets an 85 overall. As much as we like him, he'll be difficult to make work. As a sub, he's definitely an option.

Lars Ricken Rating FIFA 22

Lars Ricken | FIFA 22: 85 OVR

He probably has the least attractive of the three German heroes cards. An 85 is solid, but nothing more. 83 speed and 85 shots reflect exactly that, it will be interesting to see how good he will be in FIFA 22 but don't hold your breath.





Abedi Pelé



Jürgen Kohler



David Ginola



Diego Milito



Mario Gomez



Fernando Morientes



Antonio Di Natale



Jorge Campos



Iván Córdoba



Joe Cole



Sami Al Jaber



Ole Gunnar Solksjær



Robbie Keane



Jerzy Dudek



Freddie Ljungberg


CAMAlexander Wladimirowitsch Mostovoi86
STTim Cahill85
STClint Dempsey85
CAMLars Ricken85

How Do You Get The FUT Hero Cards?

The cards can now be bought on the transfer market. You can also test Di Natale & Co. in FUT Draft and we can tell you: They are a lot of fun! We can only praise EA, they have brought in a really nice feature with these cards. What about the links? Matching league brings a strong link, league and nation even a perfect link.

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