FUT Showdown SBC: Jorginho vs. Declan Rice - FIFA 21

FUT Showdown SBC Jorginho vs. Rice
Which SBC ist worth doing? Jorginho or Rice? | © TheLogFrog via YouTube

In the Final of the European Championship Italy will play against England. Appropriately, EA has released a FUT Showdown SBC. Jorginho and Declan Rice can be completed as a Squad Building Challenge. Which player is more worthwhile? We have the cheapest SBC solutions.

The European Championship final is Italy vs England, two nations that haven't covered themselves in glory in recent games in the person of Ciro Immobile and Raheem Sterling. In FIFA, however, it's Jorginho vs Declan Rice in the FUT Showdown SBC. Who will win and secure the +2 upgrade?

FUT Showdown SBC: Jorginho vs. Declan Rice

Jorginho has won the FUT Showdown against Declan Rice! The Italians won the penalty shootout against the Englishmen, therefore Jorginho gets the upgrade! Fun Fact: Jorginho could have decided the eleven-man shootout earlier, but Pickford made a great save on his shot. In the end, the Italians won thanks to Saka's miss.

FUT Showdown SBC: Jorginho vs. Declan Rice

  • Name: Jorghinho | Declan Rice
  • Position: CM | CDM
  • Nation: Italy | England
  • League: Premier League | Premier League
  • Team: FC Chelsea | West Ham
  • OVR: 94 | 94
  • Weak Foot: 4 Stars | 4 Stars
  • Skills: 4 Stars | 4 Stars
  • Preis: 156.000 Cions | 193.000 Cions
  • Ablaufdatum: July 11th

Is the FUT Showdown SBC worth it?

The Jorginho vs Rice FUT Showdown SBC is definitely worth it. Both players have a 94 and by winning their team the possibility of a +2 upgrade. The SBCs are also comparatively cheap, I mean 156k for a 94 or eventual 96 ZM is almost a joke. Whether Italy or England will prevail is hard to predict, you have to decide for yourself which nation you consider stronger.

Jorginho Werte
A solid player. | © FUTBIN
Rice Werte
Declan Rice is the perfect CDM! | © FUTBIN

FUT Showdown Jorginho SBC: Cheapest Solution

We'll start with the Jorginho SBC, so all those who bet on the Italians should pay close attention now. Jorginho costs a little more than 150,000 coins, so here is the cheapest solution.


  • Jorginho: Min. one Italy player, min. 86 GES, min. 50 chemistry
Jorginho SBC Team 1
Easy Challenge. | © FUTBIN

FUT Showdown Declan Rice SBC: Cheapest Solution

You should complete the Declan Rice SBC if you think England will win. Here you need to trade two teams to successfully complete the SBC.

Declan Rice: National Duty

  • National Duty: Min. one England player, min. 82 GES, min. 80 Chemistry
Rice Team 1
An 82-rated Premier League team. | © FUTBIN

Declan Rice: Premier League

  • Premier League: Min. one Premier League player, min. 85 GES, min. 50 chemistry
Rice Team 2
Once again Romero and Bravo - because it can hardly be cheaper! | © FUTBIN

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