FUT Web App/Companion App for FIFA 22: Release Date & More

FUT 22 Web App
Here is everything you need to know about the FUT App for FIFA 22. | © EA Sports

If you want to manage your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team properly, you should definitely use the FUT web app or companion app for iOS and Android. It offers the perfect start to FIFA 22, and it also gives you an advantage over other FIFA players!

The end of FIFA 21, and thus the beginning of FIFA 22, is getting closer. And see: the beginning of every FIFA game is simply the best. Even before it gets released, you can grind in perfectly. So when is the FUT web app coming, and why will it help you get to a higher Weekend League rank? We tell you!

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FUT 22 Web App soon
There are many advantages to managing your own team. | © EA Sports

Why Use the FUT Web App in FIFA 22 - How Does It Work?

Let me tell you right upfront: You can start your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team journey much easier if you just use the App right from the beginning. The daily bonuses give you packs. With a bit of luck, you will already be drawing players who bring you some coins. Since the market moves on a completely different level at the beginning, a solid 83 player can bring you at least 10-20K!

So, use the app every day and your account fills up faster than your opponents would like. If you have quick hands, you can also start trading. Buying players cheaply on the market and selling them for more money can bring you an incredible amount of coins.

After a few days, you can already build a nice beginner team! Apart from that: building my first team and thinking about who could be good for only a few coins is a lot of fun for me every year. A good rank in the Weekend League is one motivation, though!

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FUT Web App Release Date

"So when can I finally start", is a frequently asked question. I can also hardly wait to finally see the new cards, edit my club and put a lot of coins into my account.

Release Update: The FIFA Web App releases on September 22nd (browser version), followed by the update for the smartphone on September 23rd. You can use the app until October 17th without purchasing the actual game.

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