FIFA 21: FUTTIES Bernard SBC: Cheapest Solution

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We have the cheapest solution for the FUTTIES Bernard SBC! | DejnZ Gaming via YouTube

Everton FC's Bernard is available in FIFA 21 as a FUTTIES SBC! The Brazilian winger has become part of the FUTTIES event along with his compatriot and clubmate Allan. We have the cheapest solution for the Bernard FUTTIES SBC.

Bernard is kind of a perennial talent, isn't he? The strong dribbler always had a huge potential, which he could never really fully exploit. With Everton, however, he plays for a good Premier League club.

A little tip: You can unlock the FUTTIES Atal, Alessandrini and Tavernier at the same time, click here.

FUTTIES Bernard SBC: Cheapest Solution - FIFA 21

Bernard can be completed as FUTTIES SBC until July 29th, and we have the cheapest and easiest solution.

  • Player: Bernard
  • Nation: Brazil
  • Position: LM
  • League: Premier League
  • Team: FC Everton
  • OVR: 93
  • Weak Foot: 4 Stars
  • Skills: 4 Stars
  • Prize: 106,000 Coins
  • Expires on: 29. July 2021

Is the FUTTIES Bernard SBC worth it?

The Bernard FUTTIES SBC splits the minds. You get a 93 card for just over 100,000 coins, which is also easy to link. On the other hand, players like Bernard are now a dime a dozen. Should you have also completed the Allan SBC, then you have a hyperlink - then we would also recommend the SBC. Bernard has 97 speed and 99 stamina, but unfortunately only 4-star skills.

Yes, good stats, but nothing special at this stage of the game. | © FUTBIN

FUTTIES Bernard SBC: Cheapest Solution

The FUTTIES Bernard SBC is solved quickly and costs just over 100,000 coins. Don't worry, you only have to give one team here, not 25 like for Ruud Gullit Prime Moments.


  • Premier League: Min. one Premier League player, min. one TOTS or In-Form player, min. 85 OVR, min. 60 chemistry.
Bernard Team 1
A Bundesliga squad, Schmeichel is the PL player. | © EinsFUT via YouTube

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