FIFA 21 Gareth Bale Flashack SBC: Cheapest Solution

Bale SBC
Nice stats, but what about the prize? (Source: NepentheZ via YouTube)

Wow! That's an amazing card! Gareth Bale scored three goals against Sheffield United in the Premier League past weekend. As if EA knew, they released the Gareth Bale Flashback SBC in FIFA Ultimate Team just one day before that. We present you the cheapest solution and talk about the price-performance ratio of this SBC.

I don't know if you like Gareth Bale, but I certainly do. It is already one decade ago when Bale was at his peak with Tottenham Hotspur. Do you remember his performance against Inter Mailand in the Champions League? He owned Maicon. But nowadays, Bale is so old that he gets a Flashback SBC - time is flying by...

Is the FIFA 21 Flashback Gareth Bale SBC worth it?

The answer is definitely no! You are hearing this from a Spurs fan. The card is fantastic, don't get me wrong. But if you look at the price, Jesus no, not worth it. The SBC costs around 330,000 coins. You can get players like Kylian Mbappé for the same price. The community has the same opinion, and we are wondering why EA overpriced this SBC so badly. I mean, it's TOTS time, good players are coming in left, right and center. We will show you the requirements of the Gareth Bale Flashback SBC nevertheless.

FIFA 21 Flashback Gareth Bale SBC

  • Position: RM
  • Nation: Wales
  • League: Premier League
  • Team: Tottenham Hotspur
  • OVR: 90
  • Foot: Left
  • Weak foot: 3 Stars
  • Skills: 4 Stars
  • Costs: 330,000 Coins
  • Expiry: Mai 7th 2021
Bale Werte FUTBIN
Those are some nice stats! (Source: FUTBIN)

FIFA 21 Gareth Bale Flashback SBC: The Cheapest Solution

The stats are amazing and every Spurs fan will have fun with this card. But why is this SBC so overpriced? And why is he an RM? He played as a left wing in his prime at Spurs. Whatever, those are just EA things... Here are the four teams you have to turn in:

  • Rising Star: Min. one Spurs player, min. 11 players, min. 83 OVR, min 80 chemistry
Bale SBC rising star
The cheapest of the four squads with Reguillon als the Spurs player. (Source: FUTBIN)
  • Premier League: Min. one Premier League player, min. 11 players, min 84 OVR, min 75 chemistry

Bale SBC Premier League
A Serie A side with Evans as our In-Form player. (Quelle: FUTBIN)
  • Los Blancos: Min. one Real Madrid player, min. 11 players, min. one In-Form, min. 85 GES, min. 70 chemistry
Bale SBC Los Blancos
Luka Modric is the Real player, In-Form Leandro Trossard comes in handy. (Source: FUTBIN)
  • League Finesse: Min. one LaLiga player, min. 11 players, min. one In-Form, min. 86 OVR, min. 65 chemistry
Bale SBC League Finesse
Two EFL TOTS are helping to get the 86 OVR. (Source: FUTBIN)

As already pointed out, Gareth Bale is an epic card, but you can get even better ones for this price.


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