Get Free FIFA 21 FUT Packs With FGS Swaps!

Fifa21 fgs swaps
FGS Swaps are an easy way to get some decent FIFA 21 rewards. (Image Credit: EA Sports)

EA Sports rarely give stuff out for free, but that's the case with the new FIFA Global Series Swaps. Simply put: Watch some FIFA -> Earn tokens -> Exchange tokens for FUT packs -> Profit. We'll now explain how the FIFA 21 FGS Swaps work in more detail.

EA Sports release all sorts of promotions over the course of a FIFA season and in theory FGS Swaps is just another one of those. What makes it special is that it literally requires next to no effort from you to get a decent reward. Here's how it works!

FGS Swaps: The Easiest Way to Get Good FUT Players

FGS Swaps is a lot like what is more commonly known as Twitch Drops. You're required to watch something on Twitch, and you get rewards for doing so. In this case, EA wants you to watch one hour of competitive FIFA. As payment, they will give you an FGS Player Token. By itself, this token is worthless. Accumulate a bunch and they begin to carry more and more value.

How can you get more than one? Simple – you will receive an FGS Player Token every time you watch at least one hour of a competitive FIFA event.

IMPORTANT! You can only win one FGS Player Token per event. You may watch ten hours of the same event if you wish, but it will only get you a single token.

The ten eligible FGS Swaps events are:

  • FIFA 21 Challenge - October 29
  • South America Regional Qualifier 1 - December 5-6
  • European Regional Qualifier 1 - December 12-13
  • North America Regional Qualifier 1 - January 9-10
  • European Regional Qualifier 2 - January 23-24
  • North America Regional Qualifier 2 - February 6-7
  • South America Regional Qualifier 5 - April 17-18
  • European Regional Qualifier 5 - April 24-25
  • Two TBA events - one in March and one in April

As we already hinted, more FGS Player Tokens get you a better FIFA 21 reward. The chart goes as follows:

  • 2 Tokens - Premium Gold Pack
  • 3 Tokens - Prime Electrum Players Pack
  • 4 Tokens - Mega Pack
  • 5 Tokens - Jumbo Rare Players Pack

There will be a second FGS Swaps promo event later in the season but none of what you do during the current promo will matter in the second. No token-saving. So you better quick-stack and cash in on these bad boys. You can start as early as this Thursday, October 29 during the FIFA 21 Challenge.

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