GOALS: New FIFA and eFootball Competition?

GOALS Andreas Thorstensson
Will this be the new competitor for EA and Konami? | © Andreas Thorstensson

Will there be competition for FIFA and eFootball soon? With GOALS, Andreas Thorstensson wants to bring a third major football simulator to the market and overtake EA and Konami. We'll give you an initial overview of GOALS and the goals of the new brand!

Pay2Win, momentum, and server problems are just a few of the many problems that plague FIFA. With eFootball, Konami would like to at least break new ground and launch a free-to-play version of its hit game. These two publishers are unbelievably dominant, even if they have stumbled in recent years, and they are in dire need of competition.

That calls Andreas Thorstensson to the scene! The former CS:GO professional and today's developer would like to bring a breath of fresh air and stir up the market with his new GOALS project. We'll show you what goals the Swede has set and what GOALS wants to do differently than FIFA and eFootball!

Licenses, Multiplayer and Esports: What is GOALS?

GOALS is set to become a fully licensed AAA title that can be played for free - the game knows no boundaries! The main focus is on the multiplayer gaming experience. The topic of Esports is also of great importance to Thorstensson and his company, and thus, GOALS will also focus on its esports compatibility. The Swede also has a huge amount of experience to bring to the table, as a co-founder of SK Gaming.

Thorstensson is particularly disappointed with FIFA. After more than 5000 FUT matches, the Swede noticed how broken the world of Football esports is. With GOALS, constant lag and server problems should be a thing of the past - a blessing for all FIFA players. How exactly this will work remains to be seen. The FPS shooter Valorant, which has unbelievably good performance, should serve as inspiration.

GOALS: Earn to Win Instead of Pay to Win

Another feature that FIFA and PES ceterans might appreciate is the lack of handicap mechanics. In other words, no more momentum. The better player wins. A ranking system will also be planned, but unfortunately, there are no more details on this yet.

GOALS also wants to become financially attractive with so-called crypto tokens. A revolutionary system is supposed to enable esport players to earn money directly by playing. We only have public statements so far, so how this real-life implementation will work also remains to be seen.

When is the GOALS Release Date?

We expect a 2023 or 2024 release date, but we still lack the information to be able to specifically determine the game's launch date. So far, there has only been an announcement from Thorstensson himself. At the moment, they are still searching for investors for GOALS, so it could be awhile.

So far, there has only been a brief announcement, and some references to the goals of GOALS (ehe). Some of them look really promising, but the whole concept seems a bit huge and dreamy at first glance. We hope to be surprised by Thorstensson and his crew, and are looking forward to this new Football Simulator!

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This article was originally written by Christoph Niederkofler.