New Icon SBC with Cantona, Raúl and Desailly

Icon SB Cs Cantona Raul Desailly
These are the latest SBC-Icons (Source: EA Sports)

There are three new Icon SBCs for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. We show you the cards in detail and let you know if they are worth it or if you should rather keep your hands off them.

While the FIFA 21 TOTS are released bit by bit and the season is coming to an end, FIFA has now released three new Icon SBCs. Now you can get your hands on Eric Cantona, Marcel Desailly and Raúl González Blanco - but are they even worth the hustle?

How much do the new Icon SBCs in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team cost?

Of course, you won't find any mega cheap players in an Icon SBC. But once again you're able to get the best players you can get for your Ultimate Team. Of course, they also have their price:

  • Eric Cantona (94 OVR) costs 2,8 Mio. Coins
  • Marcel Desailly (92 OVR) costs 1,1 Mio. Coins
  • Raúl (93 OVR) costs 650.000 Coins

Which Icon SBCs are worth it?

As with the vast majority of icons, there is almost nothing negative to say about the stats. Eric Cantona is really one of the nicest players in the entire game. For him, however, you have to give away a whole 13 teams and put a breezy 2.8 million coins on the table. Absolute madness. If you can afford him, have fun!

Marcel Desailly
, on the other hand, is cheaper. Cantona's French compatriot costs about 1.1 million coins. The center back can be bought for much less than Cantona.

Raúl is absolutely recommendable! The Spaniard can be bought for 650,000 coins, has 90 stamina and is at least as ice-cold in front of goal in FIFA as he was at his best on the field.

The existing TOTS:

However, since new TOTS are also currently released every Friday, you need to think carefully about which SBCs you complete.

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