EA Document Leak Says FUT Is "Cornerstone" of FIFA

Ea fifa loot boxes fut
EA want as many FIFA players in FUT as possible. (Credit: EA Sports/fifplay.com)

EA have been under constant fire about FIFA loot boxes for the past three or four years and the flood of proof that the publisher is indeed exploiting FIFA players through FUT never stops. In a new development, an insider informant leaked an EA document that shows how FIFA 21 is designed to force players into spending money in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Leaks are a beautiful thing. They show the public what the publishers don't want them to see. This leak in particular is a blessing for everyone fighting the loot box war as Electronic Arts have once again been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

What Is FIFA Ultimate Team?

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is a game mode that was introduced in the FIFA series more than a decade ago. It's core mechanics are to encourage players to spend FIFA coins or ideally - FIFA points, on FUT items. Those items often come in the form of loot boxes, however, i.e. you don't know exactly what you're going to get.

FIFA Ultimate Team and specifically loot boxes have gotten EA into trouble on numerous occasions and it cost them the Belgian market after a court declared FIFA loot boxes to be an illegal form of gambling.

Electronic Arts have acted all innocent over the years, but these leaks, man, they are something.

Leak: FUT Is the Cornerstone of FIFA

The insider shared some internal documents with CBC that shed a light on EA's internal vision for the popular video game series.

The document, which appears to be a presentation of sorts, outlines what we already know: FIFA is designed to get you into FUT mode and by extension – bait you into throwing money at the publisher.

The leaked document can be viewed openly at this moment, so take a look for yourself.

We are all aware that a company is out there to make all the money it could possibly make and EA have proven again and again that this is all they're interested in. We don't expect this leak to change anything, so don't expect Career mode to all of a sudden become great, because at the end of the day, it's just a bridge into FUT in the eyes of its creators.

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The only thing this story does for us, the consumers, is to make it clear that these game developers know exactly what they're doing. If something doesn't seem right, it isn't right by design.

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