Learn These 3 FIFA 21 Skill Moves and Become an Attacking Beast!

Fifa 21 skill moves
Learning these three simple Skill Moves will improve your FIFA 21 game by miles. (Image Credit: EA Sports)

No matter if you like a skill or not there are FIFA 21 skills you simply have to be able to do. Don't worry, these skill moves are so simple that absolutely everybody can learn them.

Skill Moves in FIFA 21 - Some people love them, others hate them. They are too hard to learn and don't bring success on the pitch anyway, right? Not quite true. There are three Skill Moves that are both beneficial for your game and relatively easy to learn.

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1. Drag Back

The Drag Back is the most important Skill Move this year. We already have a detailed guide on how to do it. It is a two-star skill move that almost every player can perform.

To do the Drag Back in FIFA 21 you first have to hold L1+R1 or LT+RT and then move the left analog stick first in the opposite direction of your running path and then in the direction you want to move.

The Drag Back in FIFA 21

  • Keep L1+R1 (or LT+RT) pressed
  • Move left analog stick against running direction
  • Move left analog stick in the direction you wish to go in
FIFA 21 Drag Back Tutorial Tips
The Drag Back is the most important Skill Move in FIFA 21. (Image credit: EA Sports)

2. Ball Roll

The Ball Roll was a very strong move in FIFA 20 and FIFA 21 is no different. All you need for the two-star Skill Move is the right analog stick.

Just hold it for a short time in the direction you want to roll the ball. For example, if you are running to the left towards the goal and want to perform the skill move to the right, hold the right stick briefly to the right. The longer you hold the stick down, the more ball rolls the player performs.

The ball roll is perfect for avoiding the defender's last-minute tackle, so timing is crucial.

3. Fake Shot

Anyone can do this one-star Skill Move. As the name already suggests, you fake a shot with this FIFA 21 Skill Move. Your opponent expects you to shoot at the goal and will act accordingly. This opens a valuable time window for you, where you can easily leave the defensive line behind you with a dribble.

There are different variations of the Fake Shot. Basically, you do it by pressing the shoot button and then immediately pressing the pass button. With the left analog stick, you determine in which direction your player executes the Skill Move. It is possible to fake a shot while standing still.

Another exciting feature is the Fake Shot with Tempo Boost. Press LB or L1 in addition to the key combination of the normal Fake Shot. This allows you to get past the defender faster, but the execution is somewhat less precise.

The Fake Shot in FIFA 21 is also perfect to escape from a running defender. Your opponent continues to sprint while you can use the Skill Move to get into a promising position.

Learning these three Skill Moves will add a whole new dimension to your FIFA 21 attacking game.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.