Lionel Messi is the best Player in FIFA 22!

There have been many discussions about who will become the inviolable number 1 in FIFA 22, now we know it. Lionel Messi is the best player for a number of reasons. We tell you everything about him.
Lionel Messi FIFA 22 Op best player
He's simply the best! | © EA Sports

The FIFA 22 hype is real and we're closely monitoring which players are the best this year. Lionel Messi can be found in the starting XI of all pros. Almost every eSports player sees the Argentine as the strongest player. But why?

Lionel Messi: Best Player in FIFA 22

Why is Messi indispensable in the best Ultimate Teams? There are several reasons for this, let's start with the finesse shots. In this article we already showed you how to shoot perfectly in FIFA 22. You can't get past R1 shots, preferably with a time finish. These wonderful shots are mainly for players who have a lot of spin, which exactly applies to Messi. With him you can optimally shoot from the penalty area, it seems like it's always a goal.

Sure, these shots are just crazy in general, but with Messi they are perfect. This has made him a real scorer in FIFA 22. So our tip: Shoot with Lio. What are other qualities of him? The dribbling. It's actually nothing new, of course, but in FIFA 22 it is even more important. You win a lot of 1v1 duels with Lionel Messi. Because this guy is still so strong in driblings, so you have the perfect combination.

Let's get to the next point that makes Messi a formidable player in FIFA 22: His 8 stars. 5 star skills don't seem to be important at the moment, so you get along with your skills really well. In addition, we are no longer in FIFA 20, where 5 star weak foot was the most important thing for a good player. 4 star weak foot are really sufficient. As you see, Messi really has everything you need.

Do I hear someone of you saying "But he only has 85 pace"? That was also our first thought, but we can reassure you here too. Pace isn't as important in FIFA 22 as it has been in the past. 85 are completely sufficient, you can't get past Lacroix or St Juste either way with pace. Thanks EA. That's why Messi has exactly what an attacker needs in FIFA 22. We say: Messi is the best player in FIFA 22.

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