Memphis Depay FUTTIES SBC: Is The 98 OVR Card Worth It?

Depay Futties
Is Depay's FUTTIES card worth 750k? | © Milkydinho via YouTube

So, Memphis Depay is the new FUTTIES SBC in FIFA 21. Despite outstanding stats, he is anything but a must-have in your teams. Because the 15 teams and accompanying 750k you need to have on your account for him is just too much. Category: overpriced!

Memphis Depay moved to FC Barcelona on a free transfer this summer. The Dutchman is already showing his qualities at the Catalans. He was able to initiate the victory with the opening goal in his test match against VfB Stuttgart already. His new FUTTIES card also promises many goals. The stats absolutely speak for him: 99 pace, 96 shot, even 95 physics are on the striker's card. But EA had something else in mind for him: You have to pay 15 (!) teams for this card, which means a total of 750k that you have to pay for him. The result: 1800 dislikes and only 1200 likes on Futbin... the community is merciless.

Memphis Depay FUTTIES-SBC - FIFA 21

Memphis Depay is available as an SBC until August 16th. To show you the cheapest solution is useless with this SBC. At the end of FIFA 21, hardly anyone will put 750k on the table for such a card.

  • Position: CF
  • Nation: Netherlands
  • Liga: LaLiga Santander
  • Team: FC Barcelona
  • OVR: 98
  • Weak Foot: 3 Stars
  • Skills: 5 Stars
  • Price: 750,000 Coins
  • Due to: August 8th 2021

Is the FUTTIES Memphis Depay SBC worth it?

Depay's stats are without a doubt an absolute blast. The 5-star skills he's had for years, which are all the more important in FIFA 21, make him almost a complete striker. Nevertheless, the stats also have a shortcoming. With the 3-star Weak Foot, one wonders: why did Arjen Robben's FUTTIES card get an upgrade to 4 stars here, while Depay gets none at all? The price of this card answers what many of the Futbin community are thinking: the Memphis Depay SBC is not worth it at this point in FIFA 21.

FUTTIES SBCs in FIFA 21: Why so expensive, EA?

As with Zaha's FUTTIES card, but also with the Ronaldinho and Gullit SBC, the question arises: why so many teams? Why so expensive? FIFA 21 is almost over, at this point you should bring cool, cheap cards that make the game fun! Don't misunderstand, with the Memphis Depay FUTTIES card, fun is guaranteed. However, not for this price and not with these squishy weak-foot upgrades! So it remains to be seen if we will get another awesome, affordable card in the SBCs in this FIFA, besides Arjen Robben.

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