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It is every gamer's dream: instead of just investing hours into yourfavorite game, you can also profit from your skills. Gaming Stars makesthis dream a reality. Discover how it all works now.

Gaming stars
Gaming Stars makes the dream of professional gaming possible! | © Gaming Stars

Everyone knows it from gaming against their friends: "Ten bucks says I beat you in the next game." Just like that, the bet is made, with real money on the line. Have you ever played against a friend for real money? Only then do you truly understand how much effort you can put into playing FIFA.

On Gaming Stars, you can compete in 1v1 matches, skill challenges, and full-fledged tournaments, going head-to-head in the most popular games in the world. The selection is not limited to FIFA 23, so you can also showcase your skills in NBA 2K, Rocket League, Apex, PUBG, League of Legends, Dota 2, Call of Duty, Valorant, or even Fall Guys!

Gaming Stars: Trust in Yourself and Earn Money in Your Favorite Game

So when you join Gaming Stars, you can play your favorite game for real money. Once you've registered, you can set the wager and choose whether you prefer to compete against friends or test your luck against random opponents.

The best part is that the vast majority of your winnings stay with you: For €1 matches, there is no platform fee. And even for matches with stakes ranging from €2 to €25, the platform fee is only 20%, with a maximum of €1 per match.

So if you're pretty good at the games on offer but not quite an esports pro, you can leverage your skills to cash in instead of always just investing.

Quality from Germany: Gaming Stars has been around since 2019

Gaming Stars has been around since 2019. The provider is a German start-up company based in Berlin. Registration is straightforward: You can register your console or in-game account on the website and then take on various challenges.

The skill challenges are particularly interesting. This revolutionary game mode applies the concept of sports betting to video games for the first time. Gaming Stars offers odds on specific in-game challenges (e.g., Win a Fortnite match with at least 5 kills).

So here you can also "play against the house" but choose which challenges you want to accept. You can find more information on the Gaming Stars website.

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