FIFA 21: New FUTTIES SBCs With Aubameyang, Smalling & Co

There are some interesting new FUTTIES players in FIFA 21. | © AuzioMF

The new FUTTIES Team 3 is now available! If you think that this was the only news this weekend, you are wrong. New SBCs and Objective Cards have also been added to the game. Which FUTTIES are they? And are they worth it? We will tell you!

With the new FUTTIES Team 3, EA added new SBCs to the game. So, there is a lot of content at the end of FIFA 21. Indeed, there are a lot of interesting FUTTIES cards, but are they worthwhile?

FIFA 21: Pierre Emerick Aubameyang FUTTIES SBC

  • Position: ST
  • Nation: Gabun
  • League: Premier League
  • Team: Arsenal FC
  • OVR: 96
  • Weak Foot: 5 Stars
  • Skills: 5 Stars
  • Price: 600,000 Coins
  • Expiry Date: August 27th 2021

Is the Aubameyang FUTTIES SBC worth it?

He actually has outstanding stats. 5 Star Skills and 5 Star Weak Foot make Aubameyang a meta player. His pace, his shot; all around, everything actually fits. Actually. You know it by now with the FUTTIES SBCs. Aubameyang is simply too expensive at the moment.

Those who have a lot of coins left can do it to send off the ten teams. For the others, probably the majority, I can only say: ignore this SBC. 600,000 coins are not worth it.

FUTTIES Aubameyang
Awesome stats, that's for sure. | © FUTBIN

FIFA 21: Chris Smalling FUTTIES SBC

  • Position: CB
  • Nation: England
  • League: Serie A
  • Team: AS Roma
  • OVR: 96
  • Weak Foot: 3 Stars
  • Skills: 2 Stars
  • Price: 220,000 Coins
  • Expiry Date: August 20th 2021

Is the Smalling FUTTIES SBC worth it?

And another interesting FUTTIES SBC. The central defender also shines with strong stats. And also annoys us with a way too high price. I mean, 220K for a central defender? At this point? That can't be true. Unfortunately, this SBC is not worth it.

FUTTIES Smalling
Decent stats! | © FUTBIN

Krépin Diatta FUTTIES SBC - FIFA 21

  • Position: RM
  • Nation: Senegal
  • League: Ligue 1
  • Team: AS Monaco
  • OVR: 96
  • Weak Foot: 4 Stars
  • Skills: 4 Stars
  • Price: 95,000 Coins
  • Expiry Date: August 21st 2021

Is the Diatta FUTTIES SBC worth it?

A good question. Diatta does indeed have its advantages. You may remember that last time the Fabregas and Martins SBCs came into play. With the two, you can link Diatta perfectly. His price is also decent. Most of you should still have 95K left. Nevertheless, there is a big but here as well.

His stats are definitely not outstanding, the star ratings confirm that. Besides, who still makes SBCs for a solid winger? At this point of FIFA 21, most people here will already have enough cards available. Therefore, we do not give it an absolute recommendation.

Worth it? I doubt it. © FUTBIN

Amavi Objective Player Card

Last but not least: The new Objective Player Card: Amavi from Marseille. He has strong stats and is a great addition to many Ligue 1 or France teams. In the FUT menu, you can have a look at which tasks you have to do to get him.

You will notice, as so often, that there are a lot of tasks. A high expenditure of time. Is it worth it now? For a LB, you have to say quite clearly that it's not worth it anymore. Nothing against his values, but to sweat for him would be rather lost.

Just don't this Objective | © FUTBIN

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