How To Score in FIFA 22 Despite Strong Goalkeepers

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How to score goals in FIFA 22 ! | © via YouTube Jamboo

Have you noticed that there are significantly fewer goals in FIFA 22 than in the past years? The far too strong goalkeepers are the reason for that. But there are also ways to overcome them. We'll show you how you can score in FIFA 22.

What is going on with the goalkeepers this year? They really get everything that comes their way. It is very important that you quickly have the skills with which you will almost certainly always be able to score goals. In fact, we already have three tips for you. If this makes it easier for you to complete the Weekend League and pull Mbappé, you are welcome to give us some of your coins...

How to Beat Every Goalkeeper in FIFA 22

Let's get to the first situation: You play your way forward well, you finally make it to the goalkeeper. Now, you already think "It's impossible to score", but that's wrong! Because if you get into a scene like this, you can easily score a goal. So, how do you do that? Press L1 and R1 at the same time and then shoot with normal force. Then comes a good shot, which is really strong in FIFA 22. So: In 1v1 against the goalkeeper, simply press L1 and R1 in addition to the shot button and the goalkeeper has no chance!

Second situation: You are 15 to 20 meters away from the goal, and you have a good position for shooting. Now, don't just shoot and hope that the keeper doesn't hold the ball, but use time finish in combination with R1. So you make a finesse shot (R1) and use the time finish.

How do you do the time finish? Let me tell you, it helps if you have trained that in the arena. You press the shoot button for a longer time and then press the shoot button again. This whole thing happens very quickly one after the other, it is important that you do not keep the distance between the two clicks too fast but also not too long. So the timing is important. With a little practice, however, you will notice how OP these shots are. These long-range shots lead to many goals.

Let's take a look at the last chance to beat the GK. Your position this time is near the penalty area. And now, it's very easy: R1-shot in the goalkeeper's far corner. Hold the button a little longer, especially the balls that fly into the upper corner hit very often. A very simple finesse shot can not only lead to a win, but also to damn nice goals.

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