The Premier League Top Team in FIFA 22

Premier League FIFA 22
Who joins Ronaldo in the team? | © EA Sports

EA brings the ratings, but who will come after? We! We will of course show you all the official ratings published today by EA. Here is the best Premier League XI in FIFA 22, with a few interesting players. So let's have a look!

Of course, we already know a few player's ratings from the Premier League. We have already shown you the ratings of Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United, but now we have the best Premier League team. As you can see, the hot FIFA 22 phase has begun...

The best Premier League team in FIFA 22

Ronaldo and Kane are of course there. When we talk about the best team, we're obviously only talking about the highest rated players in the league, because there is no way that Kane will really be one of the best in FIFA 22. We don't want to excite you, though, so check out the team:

PL Team
Would you play this squad? | © EA Sports

At the moment, the Liverpool players are particularly interesting for us because they have not yet been officially released. Even if it's only a matter of time before they come. As soon as they are announced, check out our FIFA 22 section. So who stands out on the team? Van Dijk already has really strong stats, he'll be really good if EA keeps its promise and improves the center-backs.

Son is also an eye-catcher. He was new to us at first, but he has got really strong stats. Salah is outstanding, Kane is very reminiscent of Lewandowski's stats. All in all, definitely a really nice team, and something that will certainly hype the whole FIFA community! When we see the new cards, our desire for the game increases all the more.

So be sure to keep an eye on our FIFA 22 section to stay up to date.

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