FIFA Pro in Jail for Horrible Corona Scandal

Ruben Zerecero FIFA pro jail Corona vaccine fraud
Schooling these prison fools in the art of FIFA: Rubén Zerecero. (Credit: Ruben Zerecero)

Professional FIFA player Rubén Zerecero is one of Latin America's best FIFA players. Now him and his manager Christian Nieva are in jail for a COVID-19 vaccine fraud.

Silver lining, folks: Rubén Zerecero was just one of Latin America's best while a free man. In jail, he most definitely will be the best FIFA player. If they ever hold a prisoners-only tournament... my money is on him.

So what happened? Well...:

Rubén Zerecero and his manager Christian Nieva both used false identities to get a COVID-19 vaccine: They pretended to be old men to get a vaccine in Coyoacán, Mexico City.


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To be exact: Rubén Zerecero, who is 31, disguised himself as his own father and his 35-year old manager Christian Nieva posed as the uncle of one of his players. Thing is though, they wore hooded sweatshirts and dark sunglasses like a bad movie. Medical professionals caught their fraud and now the two are facing jail time.

Ruben Zerecero FIFA pro jail Corona vaccine fraud
Not suspicious... not suspicious at all... (Credit: SSC)

Forgery of public documents is punishable by 4 to 8 years in prison and identity theft is punishable by up to 9 years.

It's not even the fact that they tried to get the Corona vaccine early, it's that they committed serious forgery crimes to do so... silly...

That video above? Yeah, that's Rubén Zerecero. He's actually a big-shot, and now they're fighting this issue by claiming it was all a prank. Maybe that works. Maybe it was. Whatever the case, shame if you gotta waste your thirties in jail for something so silly...


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