Thanks To Lionel Messi: MLS Is OP In EA FC 24

MLS has become a more attractive league thanks to Lionel Messi – and not only in EA FC 24. The world champion's move has triggered a hype in the United States. Here are the best Major League Soccer players in the new FIFA 24.

Ea fc mls op
The best players of the MLS in EA FC 24: Lionel Messi, Thiago Almada, and Sergio Busquets. | © EG

The MLS becomes an attractive league in EA Sports FC 24 due to Lionel Messi's transfer to Inter Miami. Many football fans want to play with the GOAT, and in the new FIFA 24, there's no way around Inter Miami. At least that's the case for Ultimate Team; in the regular Seasons mode, you can still play with Argentina.

Since you probably don't know many players from the MLS that you can link with Messi in Ultimate Team, we'll show you the best OP players from the Major League Soccer.

The MLS is OP in EA FC 24

The MLS is known for older players ending their careers there. In the past, that included players like Pélé or Franz Beckenbauer, and nowadays, players like Gareth Bale, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Carlos Vela, and also Lionel Messi.

Unfortunately, Bale and Ibrahimovic have retired and will therefore be missing in EA FC 24.

Lionel Messi in Major League Soccer

Messi received an incredibly lucrative offer from David Beckham's club, Inter Miami, which was definitely worth no less than the offer from Saudi Arabia, as was often reported. Messi has secured his future, as well as the future of his children and the following hundred generations of Messis.

The transfer has already paid off for all parties. Inter Miami has suddenly become the best club in the MLS and gained worldwide recognition overnight. Football experts knew beforehand, of course, that Beckham owned a club, but after the Messi transfer, the whole world knows it.

Only Messi's teammates (and opponents) aren't really well-known, which is why we'll show you the best players of the MLS in EA FC 24.

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OP Players in the MLS: The Best Goalkeepers

We start with the best goalkeepers of the MLS. You're probably familiar with Roman Bürki, the Swiss goalkeeper who guarded the goal of Borussia Dortmund for a long time. Andre Blake was the only gold-rated goalkeeper in the MLS in FIFA 23.

The ratings of all players in the following tables are predictions and will be adjusted if the correct ratings are released.

Maxime CrépeauLos Angeles FC75
Andre BlakePhiladelphia Union78
Roman BürkiSt. Louis City FC76

The goalkeeper ratings are solid, but not outstanding. You can play with these keepers in the first weeks of Ultimate Team, but then you should quickly look for replacements.

OP Players in the MLS: The Best Defenders

Giorgio Chiellini and Jordi Alba are still familiar names, as both were among the best defenders in the world for a decade. Now they're playing in the US.

Giorgio ChielliniLos Angeles FC80
Caleb WileyAtlanta United70
Kamal MillerInter Miami74
Jordi AlbaInter Miami81
Tomás AvilésInter Miami75
Kai WagnerPhiladelphia Union77

However, none of these guys are really playable, but Jordi Alba and Kamal Miller can at least link to Messi. Miller is a fast center-back, but being Canadian can be problematic for team building.

OP Players in the MLS: The Best Midfielders

Eduard LöwenSt. Louis City FC72
Cristian RoldánSeattle Sounders76
Dániel GazdagPhiladelphia Union77
Riqui PuigLos Angeles Galaxy75
Sergio BusquetsInter Miami83
Hany MukhtarPhiladelphia Union80
Sebastián DriussiAustin FC79
Thiago AlmadaAtlanta United82

Here we have some names you should be familiar with. Eduard Löwen, for example, played in the Bundesliga for a long time. Hany Mukhtar was one of the outstanding performers of the last season; his TOTS card was impressive. And you all know Sergio Busquets, of course.

But the best player in the MLS after Lionel Messi is Thiago Almada. The Argentine is not only a big talent in the EA FC 24 career mode, but he could also receive an attractive gold card with 5-star skills in Ultimate Team.

OP Players in the MLS: The Best Attackers

Federico BernardeschiToronto FC78
Aaron BoupendzaFC Cincinnati76
Denis BouangaLos Angeles FC78
Lorenzo InsigneToronto FC80
Cucho HernándezColumbus Crew77
Talles MagnoNew York City FC73
Facundo TorresAustin FC75
Lionel MessiInter Miami90
Carlos VelaLos Angeles FC81
Javier HernandezLos Angeles Galaxy78

Lionel Messi is by far the best player in the MLS, without a doubt. And as you can see from our rating predictions, the competition isn't really strong. Carlos Vela and Chicharito are legends, but otherwise, it's tough to link the players. If you want to get Messi on full chemistry in EA FC 24, you'll need to use Argentine players or incorporate icons into your team.

If you want to send Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo onto the field together, you can check out the best players of the Saudi Pro League, which includes Karim Benzema and Neymar on the list.

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