Top 5 FIFA 21 Rulebreakers Cards

Fifa 21 rulebreakers beste karten
The concept of FIFA 21 Rulebreakers cards is very intriguing. (Image Credit: EA Sports)

The FIFA 21 Halloween promo has started. Instead of Ultimate Scream, we get the Rulebreakers this year. What are they and which Rulebreakers you should go after? That's what we try to figure out here.

Last year, the Ultimate Scream cards survived in FUT for months thanks to huge rating boosts. In FIFA 21 the Rulebreakers take their place, with a changed concept. Let's see what this new format is, and which are the best FIFA 21 Rulebreakers cards.

What Are the FIFA 21 Rulebreakers?

The FIFA 21 Rulebreakers are a new series of special cards for the popular FUT mode with an exciting concept: take a player's strongest stats and lower them in exchange for an increase in an area they are usually lacking in.

A perfect example of how this could do wonders for your FUT squad is Harry Kane. The Tottenham Hotspur captain has a 91 shooting rating on his gold card, yet 68 pace makes him nearly unplayable. As a Rulebreaker, you can take his pace up to 91 while only decreasing his shooting by four points, turning him into the beast he is in real life.

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The Best FIFA 21 Rulebreakers

The first FIFA 21 Rulebreakers team has been in packs since October 23 and brought eleven new cards to FUT, supplemented by two SBCs and an Objectives challenge. A second team will follow on Friday, October 30. We can expect to see more strong cards then, but who are the best cards from the first Rulebreakers team? Here's our top five!

5. Benjamin André (Lille)

The French Ligue 1 is one of the most popular leagues in FIFA 21, not least thanks to the two PSG stars Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, but so far it lacks a strong defensive midfielder.

This is where Benjamin André from Lille steps in. Thanks to boosts in pace, defense, and physicality, he makes it onto the list of best CDM players. Even better than Chelsea's N'Golo Kanté, even though his overall rating is five points lower.

Fifa 21 rulebreakers benjamin andre
Benjamin André has the full package at CDM. (Image Credit: EA Sports)

4. Marcos Llorente (Atlético Madrid)

Marcos Llorente's gold card already ranks among the best midfielders in the Spanish La Liga thanks to its balanced scores, but Rulebreakers Llorente really takes it up a notch. Take out a bit of dribbling skills to again boost pace, defense, and physicality and you've got yourself a midfield beast.

Fifa 21 rulebreakers marcos llorente
Marcos Llorente's presence in midfield can really be felt with his new card. (Image Credit: EA Sports)

3. Nordi Mukiele (RB Leipzig)

The Bundesliga lacked a strong right defender in FIFA 21. Frenchman Nordi Mukiele from RB Leipzig was one of the better options, but lacked agility and speed. This is completely different with Rulebreakers Mukiele. 89 speed, 85 dribbling and 83 physical: outstanding!

This way Mukiele becomes one of the best right backs in FIFA 21, but he's not as easy to get. Unlike the other Rulebreakers cards, you have to unlock Mukiele via Objectives. Five relatively complex tasks in live FUT friendly mode have to be completed for the defender.

Fifa 21 rulebreakers nordi mukiele
Mukiele is lowkey one of the best RBs in the Bundesliga. (Image Credit: EA Sports)

2. Douglas Costa (Bayern München)

Douglas Costa has been a FIFA meme for years. The Brazilian's values always look strong with the exception of his finishing abilities. Now he can truly shine as a Rulebreaker.

89 speed, 87 shooting, 81 passing, 92 dribbling - wow! Almost like Neymar, just without the 5-star Weak Foot. Now he's got 85 finishing which can rise to 95 with the Hunter Chemistry Style. Douglas Costa's only downfall is stamina (72).

Fifa 21 rulebreakers douglas costa
Douglas Costa is no longe a meme thanks to Rulebreakers. (Image Credit: EA Sports)

1. Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur)

The Premier League is a pace driven league and so is FIFA 21 as a game. That's why Harry Kane, despite his high OVR, is hard to play with his 68 pace. Well, thank the Queen for Rulebreakers Harry Kane! He can gain up to 23 pace points that would make him borderline unplayable... for your opponents that is.

Of course, all of that comes at a hefty price. The English striker in his final form costs 1.3 million coins. Especially at this early stage, that's too much for almost anyone to handle.

Fifa 21 rulebreakers harry kane
Harry Kane's Rulebreakers card is a phenomenal card to have, but it's also phenomenally expensive. (Image Credit: EA Sports)

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.