All You Need To Know About The New Free-to-Play Football Game UFL

FIFA and PES/eFootball dominated the virtual football scene for years. But UFL from developers Strikerz Inc. is bringing some serious competition for these two. Here's everything you need to know about the free-to-play football game that wants to stir up the market.
UFL Strikerz Inc
Big oof for "Konami Messi": is UFL a new competitor? | © Konami/Strikerz Inc./EarlyGame

For years, no for decades, the dominance in the football game market was unquestionable: FIFA is the king (mainly due to the numerous licenses) and PES (now called eFootball) has the better gameplay. But now everything will be different.

Not only did Konami really f*ck up their game and driven it against a wall with the launch of their free-to-play version of eFootball, but the gameplay in FIFA 22 is really fun! No, no — we're not here to have such discussions, relax. We want to talk about Ultimate Football League, or UFL. Never heard of it? Then you're in the right place!

Publisher Strikerz Inc. Presents UFL: What Is That?

Since another football title is supposed to appear with Goals, the publisher Strikerz Inc. also showed a brand-new title. UFL will be a free-to-play football game with focus on online matches. But a career mode could still come and there will be an option to play offline with friends. Sounds really cool, doesn't it?

Developer Strikerz Inc. has already answered some questions in a Q&A. Meanwhile, we have gameplay, a cooperation with Cristiano Ronaldo and first reactions to UFL.

UFL Release Date And Gameplay Trailer

We saw the first gameplay on January 27, 2022. Strikerz Inc. remains silent on the final release date, but the game is confirmed for 2022! We predict around fall – shortly after the new seasons started.

Looks quite good so far. Remember. UFL will be free-to-play. Imagine we really get a viable counterpart to FIFA … but for free? Nobody has anything against a free new football game, right? The Partnerships and game modes are sounding great, too.

UFL Got Cristiano Ronaldo As Partner – Will He Be In The Next FIFA?

“I am happy to announce my partnership with UFL. It is truly a revolutionary project in the football video game genre. UFL aims to provide a competitive and fair gaming experience for every gamer." Boom. UFL has Cristiano Ronaldo as a partner. That's pretty awesome for a game that's brand new and just starting.

It is not known how CR7 will continue in FIFA. However, we are currently assuming that after EAs extension with the FIFPro, all the superstars will be there in FIFA 23.

The question remains how Ultimate Football League will make profit. We assume that there will be something similar to Ultimate Team (pay to win) for UFL. Through FUT, EA is showing how you can swim in money.

UFL Gameplay Reactions

After the publisher presented their game in Abu Dhabi, they "thanked everyone for all the positive feedback we received during the sessions." We are curious to find out how UFL will feel like, gameplay wise. The graphics may not be world-class — but not too bad for a debut of a free-to-play title, either. It's solid.

Featured Modes in UFL:

UFL offers several game modes, including one that is very similar to FUT. Developer Strikerz Inc. emphasizes that the focus is on the online mode, especially in the year of release.

  • Offline und Online 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2 and 3 vs. 3 Options (like "Kick-off" in FIFA)
  • Flagship Mode (like FUT but without restarting every year)
  • Special Missions & Challenges

In flagship mode, you can build your club and your team. There, you get players and coaches. Sounds a lot like FUT, it will be more or less the same. The special thing: In UFL it will be possible to continue with your club – also across seasons. Well, we are hyped and curious what exactly is behind it...

UFL Release Trailer News
The Superstar line up in UFL | © Strikerz Inc.

Original Clubs and Players: What Licenses Do UFL Have?

United Football League also has deals with FIFPro — just like FIFA. However, there won't be quite the same broad lineup at the start as with EA's longstanding flagship. More than 5,000 licensed professional players are said to be in UFL, whereas FIFA 22 comes with over 17,000.

But UFL has already secured its first official partnerships. Oleksandr Zinchenko from ManCity and Roberto Firmino from Liverpool are advertising partners. UFL also has deals with renowned clubs such as West Ham United, Sporting Lisbon, Shakhtar Donetsk and Borussia Mönchengladbach.

The exact details are not entirely clear. But we think that United Football League has the rights to use the logos, stadiums and player names. Maybe Strikerz Inc. will grab a few licenses just for itself…?

UFL vs. FIFA vs PES/eFootball

It is currently difficult to say which of the games will attract the most people in the future. Surely, FIFA 23 will still be king in fall 2022. They secured their success over a very long time, the players are too obedient and buy FIFA every year.

Nevertheless, after the end of the FIFA series as we know it, everything is possible for a new player in the game. Konami must strive to maintain "2nd place" in the industry. UFL can become something, we will of course keep you up to date on further developments.