GOALS: Competition For FIFA And EA Sports FC?

GOALS is coming soon and aims to compete with FIFA and EA Sports FC. All information about the new football game can be found here!

GOALS Andreas Thorstensson
The new football game GOALS is coming soon! | GOALS

Will FIFA and EA Sports FC have competition soon? With GOALS, Andreas Thorstensson wants to bring the third major football game onto the market and overtake EA and FIFA. We give you an overview of GOALS and how they want to succeed with the new brand!

Pay2Win, momentum and server problems – the problems with FIFA are quickly listed. We can't exactly predict what next year will look like. Because with FIFA 24 and the new EA Sports FC, there may be the perfect opportunity for GOALS.

That's the plan of Andreas Thorstensson. The former CS:GO professional and current developer wants to bring a breath of fresh air and set a new tone with his project GOALS. We'll show you what ambitions the Swede has set for himself and what GOALS wants to do differently than the competition.

Licenses, Multiplayer And Esports: All Information About GOALS

GOALS aims to be a fully licensed AAA title that is free to play. It should be mainly focused on the multiplayer, the focus is on the gaming experience.

The topic of Esports is also of great importance for Thorstensson and his company, and the requirements for this should already be met at the time of release. But the Swede also has the best qualifications, as a co-founder of SK Gaming he has the necessary insider knowledge and the right connections.

Thorstensson is especially disappointed with FIFA. After more than 5,000 FUT matches, the Swede noticed how broken the world of Esports is.

With GOALS, constant lag and server problems should be a thing of the past – a blessing for all FIFA players. How this can work exactly, remains to be seen. However, the FPS shooter Valorant should serve as an inspiration, which generally offers a very good connection performance.

Earn To Win Instead Of Pay To Win

Another feature that FIFA and PES veterans might enjoy is the lack of handicap mechanics. In other words: no more momentum. The better players win. A ranking system should also be planned, but unfortunately there is no more detailed information about it.

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With so-called crypto tokens, GOALS also wants to become financially attractive. A revolutionary system should enable Esports players to earn money directly by playing. But here, too, there are only statements about it so far, the actual implementation remains to be seen.

Information On The Goals Release Date

Nothing concrete can be said about a possible release date either. GOALS should be on the market very soon. The announcement says 2023, but also that they are taking their time to come out with a good game. And that's just good for us. The same cannot be said of EA and its fails. We remain curious and expect the end of this year!

As soon as we know more about the release, we will of course let you know.

As you can see, so far there has only been the announcement and some hints about the goals of GOALS. Some of them look really promising, but the whole concept seems a bit huge and dreamy at first glance. But we like to be surprised by Thorstensson and his crew and look forward to a new football game!

What is your first impression? Let us know in the comments!

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