FIFA 23: The Best OP Heroes – With Ginola, Touré & Lúcio

Heroes are sometimes better than icons in FIFA 23, that's why good heroes cost a lot of coins. In this article we show you the ultimate Heroes who can carry your club in FUT all by themselves.

OP Heroes in FUT 23
FIFA 23: The best Heroes in FUT.| ©EA Sports/EarlyGame

Heroesare real game-changers in FIFA 23. They give better links than icons and are also really OP. But the best heroes are unaffordable and therefore unplayable. The best heroes are damn expensive. FUT Fantasy Hero Ginola still costs a whopping 4.5 million coins. Admittedly, very few of us have the coins.

A little further down in the article we show you the best and most expensive Heroes in the game, so there's also something for the owner of the PayPal FC.

Cheap OP Heroes In FIFA 23

What makes a card overpowered in FUT? Pace is very important, nothing has ever worked in Ultimate Team without pace. Since the Lengthy meta is no longer OP, the players who bring higher top speed to the pitch are in demand again.

Many players simply seemed to be better because of a special body type or player model, even though they have not the best stats. The best example is Kylian Mbappé. Even if there are now players who have even better pace stats on their card, (almost) nobody can keep up with the French international.

Good Heroes For Few Coins

The Best And Most Expensive FUT Heroes In FIFA 23

If this Speedy Gonzales is in your next Hero Playerpick SBC then feel free to invite us to your party. FUT Fantasy Hero Al Owairan is one of the fastest and best Wingers in the game.

OP Heroes Al Owairan
Al Owairan: The racing car among the OP Heroes| ©futbin

He is the second most expensive OP Heroes. Only one Hero is even more expensive and would fit perfectly into our list of the best Strikers in FIFA 23.

Here is the full list of the best and most expensive OP Heroes in FUT:

Jay-Jay OkochaCAM, RM,
Süper Lig91600,000Fantasy
Claudio MarchisioCM, CDM,
Serie A89680,000
Trophy Titan
Antonio Di NataleST, CF,
Serie A90800,000Fantasy
Joan CapdevilaLB, LWBLaLiga901,150,000Fantasy


Bundesliga911,700,000Trophy Titan
Yaya TouréCM, CDM,
Premier League


2,200,000Trophy Titan
Saeed Al-OwairanRW, RM,
MBS Pro League


David GinolaLM, LW,
Premier League



This is the crème de la crème of FUT Heroes. Trophy Titan Yaya Touré is one of the best Central Midfielders in the game, and you can see that in the price. Lúcio is the definition of the final opponent in defence and is also one of the top three Center Backs because of its easy linkability.

Strong Heroes For Little Coin

We don't want to withhold cheap alternatives to the most expensive heroes from you. The normal Hero card from Ginola only costs around 300k. For a card with these stats and five stars on weak foot and skills, that's almost blasphemy. It leads our ranking of the cheaper OP Heroes.

Fifa23 Ginola
David Ginola: A must for every eGamer in FIFA 22

We hope you'll find some players, even if your FUT account doesn't have millions of coins. You can check the current prices on futbin.

David GinolaLM, LW,

Ligue 1

Rafael MárquezCB, CDMMLS91260,000Fantasy
Diego ForlánST, CF,
La Liga92220,000Trophy Titan
Rudi VöllerST, CFSerie A91170,000World Cup
So these are players you should definitely be able to afford, especially in TOTS time when you get your FUT Champions, Division Rivals and Squad Battles.
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We have already written an article about cheap OP icons in FIFA 23, you can also check it out. With these insider tips, you can build a cheap team that is competitive and can keep up with the meta cards.

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