FIFA 23: The Best Strikers (ST, CF) in Ultimate Team

If you want to be successful in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, you need a world-class player up front. In FUT there are some strong strikers. Therefore, we'll show you the best strikers (ST, CF) in FIFA 23.

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Mbappé, Nkunku and more: These are the best strikers in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team! | EarlyGame / EA Sports

We've probably all played against Kylian Mbappé in FIFA 23. And yes, the Frenchman is damn hard to defend. In games like this, you quickly realize how important it is to have at least one outstanding striker on the pitch.

As always, you can convert some players to center forwards, so you should have an eye on all possiblities. Also, don't forget to set the tactics and instructions before the game starts. To help out, we're provided our recommendations depending on your budget. This position is well worth the investment, because having a player at Mbappé's level can make the Weekend League worth your while.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: The Best Strikers

So what stats should you look for when buying your goalscorer? That hasn't changed in FIFA 23: pace, shooting and agility are essential, a few stars in skills and weak foot are also important. We already announced that Cristiano Ronaldo won't be here when we took a closer look at the worst players in FIFA 23.

The Best Strikers (ST) in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

So let's take a look at three ST's that can positively impact your game:

Mbappe FIFA 23
Of course Mbappé shows up here. He is simply the best. | futbin

Even though we've already mentioned him above, it was obvious that we'd include Mbappé here. The PSG star (and new club owner, it seems) is simply the best striker in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. So if you have enough coins in your account, don't think twice and buy the French superstar.

Voeller F Ifa 23
... there is only one Rudi Völler! | futbin

There is only one Rudi Völler! The German's World Cup Hero card is a real eye-catcher; 91 pace and 94 shooting is just incredible.

It's a shame that Völler costs more than 700k. it might be worth you getting Mbappé instead. Or, if you have the coin, you could combine the skills of them both and play with a front two.

Etoo FIFA 23
The Cameroonian really strengthens every team. | futbin

Samuel Eto'o is an exceptional player in FUT. Not only is the Cameroonian extremely fast and has great finishing stats, but his agility (89) makes him so much stronger than many other attackers. In fact, you can play any version of Eto'o - depending on how many coins you have at the moment. By the way: Always choose the right chemistry style - we have listed them here.

The Best Center Forwards (CF) in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

We go on with the CF position. Most players can play both CF and ST. The first card, however, is probably the best CF in FIFA 23:

Nkunku FIFA 23
This card is just crazy! | futbin

Well, not everyone has 1.8 million coins lying around in their account. But in the meantime you've had some time to sweat in FUT, so it could be that you can already afford Nkunku's World Cup card. You won't find a better player at center forward (CF). 10 stars, 94 pace and 87 shooting will bring you a lot of fun.

Werner FIFA 23
Underrated! That's why he's in this article. | futbin

Can I hear someone saying, "That's Rudi Völler ordered on Wish!" Well, then I can only agree. But this Werner card costs less than 100k, and if you don't have that much money, the energy drink star can be a good alternative.

And remember, you can get him as a super sub. Don't be surprised: You see Werner is basically for sale as a ST, but he can be converted as both a CF and a LW. Speaking of LW: The best wingers are of course at least as important as a well-functioning center forward.

Diego Forlan FIFA 23
Forlán is as underrated as Werner! | futbin

Diego Forlán is definitely as underrated as Werner in FIFA 23. The Uruguayan is a goal scorer, fast and EA has even given him 8 stars! The ex-Atlético player is also not that expensive (500k). We don't have to talk too much about him, Forlán is just awesome - another buy recommendation!

We hope you could find a good striker here to strengthen your squad. But honestly, you can't beat Kylian Mbappé in FUT 23, and if you're still not sure about the system, check out the best formations in FIFA 23!

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