FIFA 23: Playing Weekend League Is No Longer Worth It

Due to the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, there is no club football - and therefore no more In-Forms in FIFA 23. EA had to come up with an alternative for the Weekend League Rewards, and the solution is pretty bad.

FIFA 23 FUT Champions not worth it
This is why you should not play FIFA 23 FUT Champions anymore. | © EG / EA

The 2022 World Cup is already in full swing, but somehow there is no real World Cup feeling, is there? The FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Weekend League will of course continue, even if there will be no TOTW's for the time being. The new rewards really make us wonder whether you should play FUT Champions at all.

We are, like you, real tryhards in FIFA 23, but if there are no more red picks, why should you play 20 games a weekend? You could really consider going out for some fresh air.

FIFA 23 Weekend League Grind For Nothing

Of course, it's not EA's fault that there's a World Cup in November and therefore they can't release a Team of the Week. Normally the TOTW's are based on performances in club football, but every now and then there are also TOTW's from international matches. There will be no TOTW's for the World Cup now, EA has announced. So, we have to wait until the end of December to get the next In-Forms.

Accordingly, the popular red picks after each WL, which are what make it so appealing in the first place, are gone aswell. If there is a good IF player to be packed, then everyone is up for the grind at the weekend. But is it worth playing at all if you don't get any red picks?

FUT Champions Rewards Could Be Really Bad

EA is replacing the red player picks with 84+ Rare Gold Player Picks by the end of 2022. Ouch. Why to they do this? It sounds really bad at first, because what do you want with Mats Hummels, Iker Muniain and other 84 OVR players? Sure, there might be higher ratings you can pick, but that's SBC fodder at best. We also don't know whether special cards are included in these picks. Theoretically, the cards of the new event as well as the Heros and Icons are 84+ gold players. But what is the probability of packing such a card? Correct, it's very low. There are many more 84+ cards than players in a TOTW. So, it is less likely to pack a good 84+ player than a good red pick, because the selection of the high rated players is simply much larger.

If it turns out to be true that you can ONLY pack gold players from the rewards, then playing the Weekend League is absolutely not worth it anymore. The red picks and the IF packs will be left out, but the rest of the packs will of course remain, depending on the rank you reach. As a result, the 86+ FUT Champions Upgrade SBC also suffers, which is actually a great pity.

You Only Play The Weekend League For The SBC Fodder.

Due to the guaranteed 89 Max OVR Hero Pack, which can be repeated once by the way, the transfer market has crashed. 88's suddenly cost 45k, and the other high rated cards have also risen sharply in some cases. The SBC fodder is more expensive than ever. If you have some luck with the 84+ player picks from the Weekend League, you collect good fodder for the Hero SBC.

You have to weigh up whether you want to play 20 games for fodder. If you pack good fodder at all.

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