Here Are The Cheapest Ways To Buy FIFA 23

The release of FIFA 23 is getting closer and closer. We show you the cheapest ways to buy FIFA 23 for less.

FIFA 23 discount
This is the cheapest way to buy FIFA 23. | © EA / EG

Attention all money-savers: Today, we show you how you can buy FIFA 23 at a low price. If you don't want to pay the full amount to EA, you can get help here. And let's be honest: 80 quid for the standard version is really expensive, isn't it? If you want to treat yourself to the Ultimate Edition, you'll have to pay 100!

The FIFA 23 launch is on: Trailers, covers, FUT changes and much more can be found here.

How Can You Buy FIFA 23 For Cheap?

There are actually several options to buy FIFA 23 cheaper. So, if you don't want to pay the full price, this is the right place. Please note that these are official offers from EA, so you are always on the safe side.

Via EA Play Pro, EA Play Membership Discount and the loyalty bonus, you can get some hefty discounts. By the way, this does not only apply to FIFA 23, but also to other EA games.

FIFA 23: EA Play Membership Discount

If you have subscribed to EA Play, you get a 10% discount on every digital purchase. The subscription can be cancelled monthly – so it would be worthwhile to subscribe to EA Play only for the month of the purchase of FIFA 23 and then to cancel the subscription again. And hell, it's not a bad service; besides the discounts, you often get early access to various games, including FIFA 23.

To subscribe to EA Play, all you have to do is click on this link, follow the instructions and then finally purchase the desired FIFA 23 edition. The EA Play membership costs €3.99 per month or €24.99 per year. (Tip: Just start in September for one month, use the pre-access for FIFA 23 and then cancel again).

FIFA 23: EA Play Pro

If you are a PC gamer, then you can get FIFA 23 completely for free. Of course, it is not literally for free, the required EA Play Pro costs €89.99. EA Play Pro can be bought via Origin, the package includes all Early Access possibilities and unlimited access to several other games. So, instead of spending the money only on FIFA, you can also get your hands on other games. Once the 90 quid is invested, FIFA 23 is basically free.

If you are still unsure whether you should buy FIFA 23 at all, we can help you with good pro and con arguments. Here are five reasons why you should buy FIFA 23. And here are five reasons why you should NOT buy FIFA 23. Until the last FIFA of its kind is released, you can weigh the arguments for yourself.

What Is The FIFA 23 Loyalty Offer?

If you have played FIFA 22 and pre-order the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition, you can get the loyalty bonus from EA. You can save 10% of the purchase price while the offer is still active. So, don't waste any time avoiding this discount.

Here's how to secure the loyalty bonus:

  • Go to your Origin or console account and search for "FIFA 23".
  • When you're connected to the account you used for FIFA 22, you'll see an "Ultimate Loyalty Edition" button
  • Select this option and complete the payment.

We expect loyalty pre-orders to go online very soon.

You can save even more with PSN and Xbox credit cards. However, you have to look for good offers yourself. Sometimes PSN credit is cheaper, sometimes there are price errors with Xbox cards – you don't know beforehand. The more creatively you combine discounts, the cheaper FIFA 23 will be for you. Here is a prime example:

These are all the official ways and methods to purchase FIFA 23 at a discount.