Black Friday In FIFA 23: Start Time, Info And Leaks

On Black Friday and the surrounding days, there are crazy sales and special offers everywhere. We show you what you can expect to see in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Black Friday
Black Friday in FIFA 23 is closing in! | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

Nearly everybody knows Black Friday nowadays, and the American tradition has even made its way into our favorite video game FIFA. Traditionally, we can see special offers and huge sales everywhere once the week of sales begins. We give you the overview on which packs, special cards and other promos you can expect this year.

FIFA 23: Black Friday Start Time – Schedule – Best of TOTW

Black Friday starts on November 25. Great for EA Sports as they usually release their new promos on a Friday at 6PM UK time. That's exactly the time we can also expect the first promos for Black Friday. Because on Monday, November 28, there is also Cyber Monday, the end of the Black Friday "celebrations" will be on Tuesday, November 29. But what can we even expect to see?

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Packs, Packs, Packs

Special offers don't only mean that customers can save money, but also that customers spend a lot and bring crazy amounts of money to the companies. That's also what we can expect to see from EA Sports, because even if they're known for their fails, they won't let Black Friday through their fingers.

Lightning Rounds

For Black Friday, we will see the first big Lightning Rounds in FIFA 23. The best packs will be released every hour starting November 25, 6PM UK time and will be available as Lightning Rounds and as normal packs in the store. Will we see another crazy offer like the Hero Pack? We doubt that heavily. Instead, we will get the best packs in the game: From 15k packs up to 125k packs, everything will be there and if you really want to buy FIFA Points, you will definitely find ways to spend them.

Flash SBCs

Apart from the insanely fast Lightning Rounds, which will flood the FUT transfer market, people who don't want to spend real money will get the opportunity to open at least a few packs.

Similar to the Lightning Rounds, some Flash SBCs, which are limited in time, will be released. At the start, these SBCs will only be available for a very short time, but will then be available for longer as the event proceeds. Which packs and which requirements we can expect with these SBCs is not known yet. We think that these SBCs will be a good value for money and will be easy to complete for everybody.

Special Cards

In FIFA 22 we saw the new Signature Signings for the first time ever. These have acknowledged some of the best transfers of the last years and contained some really nice cards for us. We can imagine getting a similar promo this year, but it could also be something themed around the upcoming World Cup, which already started on November 20. The Promo itself will definitely be released on Black Friday itself.

Here is last year's Signature Signings team:

FIFA 22 Signature Signings
Great cards for FIFA 22! | © EA Sports

The Best Of TOTW – Even More Special Cards

In case you didn't pack Neymar or Mbappé Inform, you will get another chance to do so. This year, we will probably also see the best TOTW cards that have been released so far in the Best of TOTW. The best players will be divided into two teams, and each team will only be available for a short amount of time. The first Best of TOTW will be in packs from November 24, so EA doesn't have to release two completely new teams at the same time. The second team will replace the first one on November 26 and will stay in the packs until November 29.

So we'll get the first Best of TOTW on November 24, the promo team on November 25 and the second Best of TOTW on November 26. An absolutely insane overflow of content during the Black Friday weekend! And the Path to Glory cards are still in packs until November 24.

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