Bugs, Glitches & Server Down: EA Fails FIFA 23 Launch

The Web App for FIFA 23 is finally out! Actually, that should be a reason to get hyped, if it weren't for all the annoying bugs, fails and other problems that EA just can't get a grip on.

EA Fails FIFA 23 Web App
The Web App launch could have been a lot smoother... | © EG

Those who have been blinded by the FUT hype in recent weeks may already have more realistic expectations by now. EA Sports really screwed up the launch of the Web App for FIFA 23 – there's no way around it. It was almost as sad to look at as a Harry Maguire Defending Skills compilation on YouTube. Okay, that's a bit harsh, but many things could have gone better...

It's either a really wild marketing stunt (bad publicity is better than no publicity, ya know) or... I don't know. We can't think of anything else. Let's just get started... here's a small overview of all the fails in the first few hours of the FIFA 23 Web App. You have to laugh about it, otherwise it just hurts.

EA Sports Messes Up The Web App Launch

EA Sports is not exactly known as a company where everything always goes smoothly. Before the game is even officially released, there are more than enough examples to prove this. You certainly haven't forgotten that FIFA 23 accidentally released on Xbox and almost all the ratings were leaked in advance. What a disaster, and now we witnessed the launch of the Web App...

SBCs Are A Sh*tshow

We all knew that the overhauled chemistry system in FIFA 23 would have a huge impact on SBCs – and we could all prepare for that. Apparently, however, only the community remembered the new rules, and not the EA employees. Some of the starter SBCs – that everyone should do right at the beginning! — cannot be completed at all.

Here's an example: The Around the World Hybrid Nations SBC. It requires 11 players with exactly 2 chemistry points each... but also a total chemistry of at least 24. We weren't the best at math, but 11 × 2 doesn't equal 24. And that's not even the best part of the whole story:

After just a few hours, many users could no longer log into the Web App. A possible hotfix for the SBCs? No, they still don't work. Lol.

While we're on the subject... even the SBCs that you can actually complete have either gotten a lot harder or aren't worth it like they were in FIFA 22. BECAUSE EA HAD TO MAKE THE REWARDS UNTRADEABLE. No wonder the transfer market is going crazy right now...

FUT Transfer Market Go Brrrrr

If you are one of the few lucky people who can somehow play FIFA 23 currently – GG! Then you can already stack big bucks in your account and complete the grind even before the game released. Be careful while you're on Twitter or Reddit, some deals may make your eyes bleed...

Mid Ferenc Puskás for under 200K, Ruud Gullit for just over 1 million coins... these prices are completely insane. We have two questions about this:

  1. Who's that stupid to sell them now, and especially so cheap?
  2. Where do they get so many coins that early on?

While we're talking about the transfer market in FIFA 23, we can also give you a pretty hot FUT trading tip: sell your contracts! They're in high demand right now. Not only can you make a good profit with them, but you can also complete another objective...

Objectives Glitch: Unlock Packs Easy

To end this article on a positive note, here's one more glitch you can use to your advantage. There are two objectives in Ultimate Team that require you to either buy or sell 100 players. Luckily, that's also possible with contracts at the moment – one contract corresponds to 15 players... for whatever reason. So you only have to buy 7 contracts and then sell them again. Sounds easy, but they are almost extinct... for obvious reasons.

Nevertheless, we don't want you to leave this article without being warned: EA does not like it that much when such bugs are exploited. However, it is not possible to say whether this would ultimately result in a punishment and how severe it would be. You should exploit the glitch at your own risk and not blame us for telling you so.