FIFA 23 Leaks: New Chemistry System Removes Green And Red Links!

EA Sports is set to take FIFA Ultimate Team to the next level, with leaks revealing that there will be no more team chemistry with red, orange or green links so players from smaller leagues can find their place in your FUT team.
FIFA 23 Chemistry Update
There will be no more red or green links in FUT... | © EA / EG

FIFA 22 is currently still in the peak phase of the Team of the Season, only recently the Ligue 1 TOTS, 1A Pro League TOTS and the Süper Lig TOTS were published. In the background, EA Sports is already in full swing planning for the upcoming FIFA, the last of its kind, FIFA 23. The release is only about four months away. Slowly but surely, highly interesting leaks about FIFA 23 are coming in.

If you want to get ALL the leaks at one glance, you should read this Hub article. Today it is explicitly about the fact that EA wants to completely change the chemistry system for Ultimate Team, whew.

FIFA 23: Team Chemistry Will Be Removed Completely

FIFA 23 will probably remove the team chemistry completely, at least that's what the leaker Weaver - FUT claims on Twitter. He reports that every league and every nation can play together in FIFA 23 – without the chemistry suffering. In general, there should be no more chemistry, the team should now be rated according to a star system. Three stars should represent the maximum chemistry. How exactly this will work in detail is not yet known. These leaks are, as the name says, leaks, so nothing is officially confirmed.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Changes

If these leaks turn out to be correct, then these would be blatant changes that EA is making to FUT. Because for years, oh nonsense, decades, there was the chemistry system to which you had to adapt and set up your team and your players. For some gamers, it has always been a thorn in their side that they couldn't put their favorite players from supposedly weaker leagues into their team because the chemistry simply didn't allow it. This is now to change with FIFA 23 because if there is no more chemistry, you can send all players of the different leagues and nations together on the pitch.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Star System

How the leaked star system will work is still unclear. To us, these announcements also seem to be partly vague, but maybe there will be further hints in the near future. Three stars is supposed to be the maximum team rating or chemistry rating, whatever that means. We understand that in FIFA 23, you can fill all eleven positions of a starting eleven with eleven different nations and leagues. This, of course, gives gamers a lot more freedom and creativity in team building.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: What Happens With Icons And Heroes?

What makes us wonder about this leak is the fact that for FIFA 22, specific cards were released for chemistry, the FUT Heroes. The Heroes would be completely useless in the new star system because neither leagues nor nations have to be connected. The same applies to icons. Sure, the icons are much more playable than the Heroes, but they lose value. Maybe Heroes and Icons boost the team's star system? One does not know.

FUT Without Chemistry

Would FUT without chemistry be a good thing? I think you should give the system a chance because it's always super boring when you play against complete league teams. But well, let's wait and see if the leaks come true at all.