New FIFA 23 Leak: No More Position Changes In FUT?

Position Changes and Ultimate Team have been a well-established team for several years now. But with FIFA 23, EA apparently wants to change and overhaul the whole system – at least that's what recent leaks say.
FIFA 23 Position Change
No more Position Changes in FIFA 23? | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

When you open the usual Premium Gold Pack in FIFA, you always get some players as well as other consumable items. However, most people don't pay much attention to the kits, managers, stadiums or position changes.

Sure, when Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi happen to walk out of a pack, no one pays attention to some boring position change anymore. Maybe the item will even be discarded without thinking twice about it... but at some point in time, you will regret that, if you can't manage to fit your just drawn superstar into the team.

What we're trying to say: Position Changes are pretty damn important in Ultimate Team. Or – if you believe current leaks – at least they WERE. Here you can find all necessary info on positions in FUT and possible upcoming changes in FIFA 23.

All Positions In FIFA Ultimate Team

Every player in FIFA has exactly one position where he can reach his full potential – at least in Ultimate Team. That's why you always have to pay close attention when building your team to make sure you line up your stars correctly.

Place them wrong, and eventually, it will have a negative effect on the player's chemistry as well as his performances on the pitch. Depending on how out-of-position a player is, things can go terrible for you. No matter what formation you play in FUT, you will always be confronted with the following positions:

  • GK: goalkeeper
  • LB: left-back
  • LWB: left wing-back
  • CB: centre-back
  • RB: right-back
  • RWB: right wing-back
  • CDM: central defensive midfield
  • CM: central midfield
  • CAM: central attacking midfield
  • RM: right midfield
  • LM: left midfield
  • CF: centre forwards
  • LW: left wing
  • RW: right wing
  • ST: striker
  • LF: left forward
  • RF: right forward

To ensure that your squads still performs on the field, you can take some things into your own hands. For example, you could change the formation and adapt it to the positions of your players. Or you can make your life easy-peasy and ensure sufficient team chemistry by changing positions...

Which Position Changes Are There In FUT?

In Ultimate Team, there are a total of 20 different positional cards. You can use them to turn Robert Lewandowski into a central midfielder, or just to squeeze the last chemistry needed for your dream-team.

However, these consumable items are not just amazing for reaching 100 chemistry. Especially for Road To Glory (free to play) players, Position Changes offer a fantastic opportunity to do some FUT trading and generate large amounts of coins.

As you can see in the table, some Position Changes go for several thousand coins after all...

Position ChangePrice
LWB –> LB500 coins
LB –> LWB200 coins
RWB –> RB700 coins
RB –> RWB200 coins
LM –> LW400 coins

LW –> LM

1000 coins
RM –> RW400 coins
RW –> RM1900 coins
LW –> LF200 coins
LF –> LW200 coins
RW –> RF200 coins
RF –> RW200 coins
CM –> CAM4000 coins
CAM –> CM4500 coins
CDM –> CM4400 coins
CM –> CDM1200 coins
CAM –> CF350 coins
CF –> CAM1000 coins
CF –> ST2500 coins
ST –> CF4500 coins

You'll hit the jackpot, especially if you pack position changes that have something to do with the central midfield. However, there is already speculation that you will have to do without this trading method in FIFA 23. Will position changes return in next year's FUT? Well, we shouldn't be so sure...

Position Changes In FIFA 23 – All Current Leaks

It seems that there will be no position cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team anymore. After the contracts have been out of the game for a while (a fantastic decision, by the way), the next consumable objects might be removed. Turning a central midfielder (CM) to a striker (ST) might not be possible in the future.

According to leaker @DonkTrading on Twitter, EA Sports is reworking the entire system, so that Position Changes are no longer necessary. In the future, players will have a primary and secondary position – which they obviously can play both. As an example, he mentions Ronaldinho (LW), who can then also play as LM or CAM. Would be an awesome new feature and would honestly make more sense if you think about it...

Oh, boy. FUT seems to change a lot for FIFA 23. Only recently, leaks surfaced that the chemistry system will also get a brand-new look. But is EA Sports really working on these updates at the moment? We can't be 100% sure about it.

However, FIFA 22 leaks were mostly pretty reliable. So, there is a big chance that many of the current rumors about FIFA 23 might actually come true.