EA Launches FIFA 23 On Xbox – And Reacts

It's EA Sports' biggest fail in years – maybe ever. Xbox's users can play FIFA 23 a full month ahead of the actual release. Ratings are out, EA has reacted and taken most modes offline.

FIFA 23 Xbox
You can play FIFA 23 on Xbox now – a full month ahead of the release. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

It's a new milestone in the history of fails from EA Sports and their flagship game FIFA. If you're into FIFA Ultimate Team, you already know enough about fails on the part of EA. Wrong cards in packs, incorrect ratings that need to be corrected or, most recently, a late start time for the Pre-Season promo. These are all small things compared to what FIFA fans experience on August 30, 2022.

EA Starts Pre-Download – And Pre-Releases FIFA 23 On Xbox

Because not only could people who pre-ordered start the pre-download on their Xbox consoles today, but some of them could also start the new game right away. Exactly one month before the official release on September 30th, users can already dive into the new FIFA Ultimate Team or try out the Pro Clubs x Volta combo.

Of course, the EA memes and "leaks about ratings" (well, they're legit now) went wild.

"I don't know EA. You can start FIFA 23 on Xbox and play FUT etc. Get ready, everything, absolutely everything, will be leaked from now on", writes Kai Kessler.

Boy, oh boy. Someone is having his worst day of his life at EA right now – or will lose his job. Meanwhile, Microsoft and EA have taken the online modes offline. But the other modes like kick-off or career can still be played...

Streams on Twitch were also blocked – but it is natural that the FIFA 23 ratings are all known now. What. a. mess.