All You Need To Know About FIFA 23: Name, News, Release, FUT, Gameplay, Trailer & More

We collect all the important news and give you an overview: When is FIFA 23's release, are there any leaks and could the new FIFA actually be called EA Sports FC?
FIFA 23 Haaland City
Erling Haaland will play for Manchester City in FIFA 23. | © EA / EG

Many games are delayed or postponed, not releasing forever – or don't appear at all, even though they were announced big time. It's different with FIFA. Every new season brings a new FIFA, that's as certain as excitement in the Champions League final.

So, when is the new FIFA coming out? What awaits us? What changes are already certain before the release? We tell you everything that is already known about the next FIFA and, of course, we'll update this article as soon as we get more fresh information.

When Is FIFA 23's Release?

The exact release date for FIFA 23 is not yet known. However, it is already certain that a new FIFA part will appear in fall. As a short overview, you have the release dates of the last parts here. Here, you can see the approximate time when FIFA 23 might be released.

You know the procedure of new FUT events: Friday is the day of days. For FIFA 23, we therefore predict the release this year for September 30th.

FIFA-PartRelease DatePre-order Release Date
FIFA 18September 29, 2017September 26, 2017
FIFA 19September 28, 2018September 25, 2018
FIFA 20September 27, 2019September 24, 2019
FIFA 21October 9, 2020October 6, 2020
FIFA 22October 1, 2021September 27, 2021
FIFA 23approx. September 30, 2022approx. September 26, 2022

Obviously, we all want to start as early as possible in order to have a filled FUT bank account right from the beginning. So, for somebody who is enjoying FUT, it is worth pre-ordering. In recent years, lads who pre-ordered had access to the new FIFA three to four days in advance. We expect a similar release schedule this year as well.

When Is The FUT Web App Release for FIFA 23?

The Web App (or the Companion App) will appear a few days before the release of the new FIFA. In FIFA 21, the Web App released on September 22nd. For FIFA 23, we expect the Web App to be launched about a week before release as well.

When Will The FIFA 23 Beta and Demo Be Released?

If you want to play before the official release of the new FIFA, the only thing you can hope for is the beta. In FIFA 22, it ran from August 13th to (planned) August 31st. However, only people in North America were eligible to participate, and due to the many leaks from the beta, EA Sports ended it early. We already knew at the end of August that the goalkeepers (at least at release) will be way too strong.

There will be no demo for FIFA 23.
At least that's what we're assuming now. Because the last demo was for FIFA 20 – for FIFA 21 and FIFA 22 there was no free demo.

When Does Early Access Start for FIFA 23?

If you pre-order, you can play FIFA 23 earlier. This has been the case for the last few years and is also expected to be the case for the coming part. As soon as more is known about this, we will of course update the article.

What Editions And Versions Of FIFA 23 Are There And How Much Do They Cost?

If everything goes as usual, different editions and versions of FIFA 23 will appear. They differ (partially) in the platform, but above all, in the bonuses that are included in the different editions. The price also varies depending on the edition.

We expect FIFA 23 to have the same lineup of versions as FIFA 22.

FIFA 23 EditionBonusesPrice
Standard EditionNoneapprox. £59.99- £69,99
Legacy Edition (for Switch)Noneapprox. $39,99
Ultimate EditionEarly access, FUT Special Cards and 4600 FIFA Pointsapprox. £89.99 / $99.99

Will EA come up with new versions this year? The prices can of course also fluctuate and are not confirmed yet.

What Consoles and Platforms Will FIFA 23 Be On?

When it comes to platforms, however, we are already certain that EA will not neglect any console here (except maybe Nintendo's Switch). We hope that the differences for FIFA 23 between the current generation of consoles and the old one will not be as big as in FIFA 22.


Is FIFA 23 on it?

PlayStation 4
PlayStation 5
Xbox One
Xbox Series X/S

Is FIFA 23 In Game Pass?

It is not yet known whether FIFA 23 will already be included in Microsoft's Gamepass at the time of release. However, we assume that, like FIFA 22, it will be included as soon as possible after release and that you can play it without paying full price for it.

Can You Play FIFA 23 With EA Play?

Thanks to an EA Play membership, you can play selected Electronic Arts games in advance. We also expect this feature for FIFA 23. You could test FIFA 22 with EA Play for a good 10 hours before the release. This will probably replace the beta this year as well.

Will FIFA 23 Have Cross-play?

It's about time, isn't it? There was no cross-play in FIFA 22, when it was released. Pretty much every other title can pull it off, so it would be more than appropriate for FIFA 23.

EA added crossplay to FIFA 22 throughout the season, so we fully expect FIFA 23 to come with crossplay.

What Changes Will There Be In FIFA 23?

Officially speaking, there is of course no announcement at all about any changes, innovations or fresh features. However, it's no secret that EA Sports will also be dropping some great buzzwords in terms of graphics and gameplay upgrades for the new FIFA. Let's just say: Hypermotion.

FIFA 23 Gameplay Changes

In terms of gameplay, the current FIFA is certainly among the better ones in recent years. Haters gonna hate, but overall, the gameplay is satisfying in FIFA 22. The pace monsters still exist, but simply going through defensive lines with them is hardly possible. This is particularly pleasant in FUT.

How exactly the gameplay will change in FIFA 23, can probably only be said after leaks from the beta.

FIFA 23 FUT and Weekend League Changes

A big change for FIFA 22 was leaked long before the release: The Weekend League in FIFA 22 comes with fewer games. And even if it hasn't really caught on yet, the WL is actually called FUT Champions.

What else awaits us in terms of changes related to rewards, seasons or playoffs? There will certainly be some new special cards and promos in FIFA 23. For FIFA 22 and Ultimate Team, EA launched the FUT Heroes.

FIFA 23 Career Mode Changes

Of course, we also hope for some new features for the Career Mode. In FIFA 22, it is just disappointing – at least if you've played the parts before it properly. Except for a few new statistic pictures, everything is actually the same... Sure, you can create your own club and form it from no-name to Champions League permanent winner. But that was already possible in FIFA 13, then it disappeared and is now back as an "update". There must be more in the future.

Maybe EA Sports will hear us and finally supports Career Mode a bit more in FIFA 23...

FIFA 23 Licenses – EA Also Loses Mexican League BBVA

In terms of licenses, the first changes have already been made. Recent news are: the mexican league BBVA MX will have an exclusive deal with Konami. And things are looking ugly in Serie A too.

After Juventus Turin (Piemonte Calcio), AS Roma (Roma FC) and Lazio Roma (Latium), EA loses another license in Serie A to competitor Konami and eFootball (PES). SSC Napoli will not be included in FIFA 23. Also the exclusive partnership with AC Milan ends in July and won't continue. However, the players remain in the game officially and under their real names, because EA has extended the contract with FIFPro.

If you are looking for more information about the leagues and clubs in FIFA 23, we have something for you.

This means that the publisher will continue to have the rights to an extremely large number of football stars around the world in the future. It is still unclear what Napoli will be named in FIFA 23. And speaking of names: FIFA 23 might not even be called FIFA 23...

Will FIFA 23 Launch Under A Different Name?

FIFA and EA Sports could not agree on an extension of the naming rights. The story is quickly told: In 2022, the naming rights contract between EA and FIFA expires. The developer has even already officially secured the name "EA Sports FC". And that is exactly what EA's football simulation will be called EA Sports FC from 2023. There are also rumours that FIFA wants to continue FIFA 24, so the association probably wants to develop its own game.

Will "FIFA 23" then be called "EA Sports FC 23"? No. FIFA 23 will continue to be called FIFA 23. The contract between FIFA and EA is still valid for the upcoming game. Of course, FIFA also knows that EA is making a lot of money every year (especially thanks to FUT). The world governing body is said to be demanding 860 million euros for the next four years. If you want to read all this again at your leisure, we have several articles for you:

Will FIFA 23 Be Free-to-Play?

There has also been speculation about this for a long time. The role model is Konami's eFootball, with which they wanted to take Pro Evolution Soccer to the next level. After an extremely messed-up start, however, that didn't go according to plan.

UFL could also take off as a competitor
. The Strikerz Inc. football game has already secured deals with stars and big clubs of international stature. Also, the game will be free. You could take a look at the new season (when it's already out then...).

At the moment, we don't think EA will change anything about the money printing machine FIFA. They know that a lot of people invest a lot of money in FUT – and why should they ignore the fact that we all spend at least 60 euros, pounds or dollars on the game every year anyway? If more information about the "free-to-play leaks" emerges, we will of course keep you up to date.

Who Will Be On The FIFA 23 Cover?

Who will be the cover star of FIFA 23? A question that we too will be following with great anticipation. Currently, we believe that Kylian Mbappé has a very good chance to complete his hat-trick and get on the FIFA cover for the third time in a row.

With a lot of rumors surrounding the French superstar, it will also be interesting to see where he goes. Alternatively, we could also imagine Erling Haaland on the FIFA 23 cover. The shooting star will probably also leave Dortmund in the direction of an absolute world club. One to Real, the other one to ManCity? One of them will be the FIFA 23 cover star! But that are just our two cents...

FIFA 23 Trailer

Of course, there is no information about the trailer yet. The short video clips are anyway not that great. For FIFA 22, we were bombarded with terms like Hypermotion – you never know how the new FIFA actually feels from the rendered trailers anyway.

Just so you know, the first official FIFA 22 trailer dropped on July 11.

FIFA 23 Leaks And News

Isn't that enough for you? Are you not entertained? Well, so far, we have summarized everything about leaks and news that is relevant for FIFA 23. As soon as more stuff comes out, we learn more, or there's even a hint of a name change or Weekend League update, you've come to the right place on EarlyGame. We tell you everything about FIFA 23. Also how bad Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will be...