FIFA 23 Cross-play: All Info For PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S And PC

FIFA 23 will be the first game in the FIFA series to feature cross-play upon release. Cross-play was already tested in FIFA 22 – successfully. Here is all information about cross-play in FIFA 23, which consoles can play together and how to activate it.

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Here you can find all information about FIFA 23 Cross-play on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. | © EA / EG

FIFA 22 already had a successful test phase – and now it is official: FIFA 23 will have cross-play with the release of the game! EA Sports announced this in their presentation of the new features for FIFA 23. We have all the information about how to activate and deactivate cross-play and which platforms can play together.

The FIFA community had to be patient for a long time until this feature was finally integrated into the game. You couldn't play with your friends for decades if one had a PlayStation and the other an Xbox. We honestly wonder why it took so long to implement cross-play in FIFA. Well anyway, there are even more news about FIFA 23 features, so make sure you check out this link.

FIFA 23 Cross-play: All Information About PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S And PC

The big question is, of course, which platforms will be connected with FIFA 23 Crossplay. There is a simple, but sobering answer and explanation. Only those platforms are connected that have the same game. What is that supposed to mean? FIFA 23 is one game, isn't it? Nah! The new technologies around Hypermotion 2 (original name no cap) are ONLY available for the next-gen consoles and PC. In simple terms, this means that PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC have a different game than PS4 and Xbox One. So, PS4 and PS5 can NOT be connected with cross-play, whew.

The differences in technologies between current-gen and next-gen are just too big to be able to cross-generationally play the game with cross-play. Anyone who has played the PS5 version of FIFA 22 can imagine why this is not possible because that version is simply different.

FIFA 23 Cross-play: These Platforms Can Be Connected With Each Other

Here we have an overview which platforms can be connected via cross-play in FIFA 23:

  • PlayStation 5 with PC
  • PlayStation 5 with Xbox Series X|S
  • Xbox Series X|S with PC
  • PlayStation 4 with Xbox One

These are the only variants with which cross-play is possible in FIFA 23. If someone is now annoyed that they are left behind with his PS4 or Xbox One, you should know: Buy a next-gen, you noob. The PC also counts as next-gen btw, but your PC has to fulfil certain minimum system requirements.

FIFA 23 Crossplay who can play against whom
Wait a minute... Where is Pro Clubs?! | © EA

FIFA 23 Cross-play: These Modes Have The Feature

Cross-play was not activated for all game modes in the FIFA 22 test phase. They didn't want to risk that there would be problems in FIFA Ultimate Team because of that. Next Gen owners will be able to play the following modes against each other:

  • FUT Division Rivals
  • FUT Champions / Weekend League
  • FUT Online Draft
  • FUT Online Friendly Matches
  • FUT Matches against a friend
  • Online Friendlies
  • Online Seasons

FIFA 23 Cross-play: Pro Clubs Of All Game Modes Doesn't Get The Feature

The fact that Pro Clubs of all games doesn't get a cross-play function is just EA being lazy. Doesn't anyone realize that the mode has a big community that would become even bigger if it was connected to each other?

Apparently not, but the internet will fight for the feature:

FIFA 23 Cross-play PS4 And PS5

You can't use cross-play between PS4 and PS5 in FIFA 23, cross-play only works on the same console generation. Yes, we already answered this in detail, but now even the last one should have understood it.

Enable And Disable FIFA 23 Cross-play

You can enable and disable cross-play in FIFA 23 as it is already the case in FIFA 22. If you simply don't feel like playing against people from another platform, you can simply deactivate cross-play. To do this, you have to press the R2 or RT button in the main menu to call up the cross-play menu. Now, you can activate or deactivate cross-play.

In These Modes, FIFA 23 Cross-play Will Be Available

EA didn't drop any final information if cross-play will be available in all FIFA 23 online modes. We assume that this will be the case, i.e., cross-play will be available for FIFA Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, Volta, Seasons, Co-op Seasons and Online Friendlies.

In the FIFA 22 test phase, cross-play was not activated for all game modes. They didn't want to risk that there would be problems in FIFA Ultimate Team because of that. We didn't notice any issues with cross-play in the other modes, so nothing would stand in the way of FUT cross-play.

This Trick Enables Console Cross-play Between PS4 And PS5

In FIFA 22, you could "bypass" the cross-play by downloading the PS4 version on the PS5. So, you could play together even if someone had a PS4 and the other a PS5. However, it is not yet known whether FIFA 23 can also be played as a PS4 version on the PS5. There should be little reason why this should not be possible. We could imagine, however, that the download of the PS4 version to the PS5 is subject to a charge. Ultimately, however, this is all speculation, nothing has been confirmed yet.

FIFA 22 is much better to play on the PS4 version. The PS5 version is just slow, cumbersome and boring, which is why everyone with a PS5 made the "downgrade" to the PS4. However, EA has now had a whole year to develop the PS5 version more attractively.